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March 31, 2008

Hyderabadi Hindi

There are my friends from other states said that they didnt like Hyderabad. As the days passed they fell in love with this city. The two main things which fascinates people the most are its culture and its language. It is a blend of orthodox Islamic tradition and the present generation.

Hyderabadi’s have there own style of speaking. Their clothing, their sense of humour every thing has that “zara hatke “ touch. I just can’t stop myself in writing a post on this unique language.

Its very easy and fun to speak… Some of the words are below:

Never say nahi use “nakko”

Replace haan with “hao”

Don’t ask kyun say “kaiku”

If confused just say “maire ku kya maloom”

We call Stupid “haula” in hyderabadi…

Some of the used sentences….(try to read it in normal hindi accent)

“Khaali pili tum logan time kaiku waste kar rahe … lite lo mama…..”
—–> why you people are wasting your time just chill.

“baigan ki tumhari…. Kya houla ho gaya kya?? Kaiku dum karra ? panchkad khayega phukat main “
——> “brinjal of yours…. Have you gone mad .??why are you irritating me ? you will unnecessarily get a slap from me.

“Kya mamu, kya baataan karte tum”
->Dude, what are you talking

“aage kuch bhi nakko poocho miyan!”
->don’t ask anything more dude

“hau re, Hyderabad me to aisa hi hota”
-> Yes buddy, this is how it happens in Hyderabad

“pata nai kaiku dimag kharab karre yaaro subah subah”

“Yaaro, unne dhakkan logaan hai, unno kya maalum ki Hyderabadi hindi aisai bolte”
-> what should I say about those jerks, we speak Hindi like this only in Hyderabad

“kya mamu, kaise hain tum… aaj kal dikhraich nai?”
->long time no see

“hona bol ke”
-> Wantedly

“kya to bhi hai ye… maakikirkiri”
——-> whats that man … maakikirkiri

Here in Hyderabad if you ask for direction then the answer you get is
“seedha chale jao”
“tumhaareku pachhees turnaa lena padta” (you have to take 25 turns)

People here use “parso” for yesterday dayafter or 1 month or 1 year back.

and the most popular, In case of any problem just say

“lite le mamu “

this is the language of general crowd in hyderabad. I am sure most of you must be finding it difficult to understand but if you stay in Hyderabad then you should atleast give it a try.

“Bhai logan try karne main kya zarra”.

Ain’t it fun!!! “Chindiyaa hai” (Superb)!!


Hatha me hath milake,
Hatha me hath milake,
anguthi churake chali gayi,
abhi gale milne ko aari,
kya karati ki kya ki……

chay pine ko aake,
chay pine ko aake,
saucer churake chali gayi,
abhi full meals ko aari,
kya karati ki kya ki……..

pahalich mulakat me ,
pahalich mulakat me ,
five star me chuna lagai,
abhi date pe leke jao bolari,
kya karati ki kya ki……….

sagai sagai bolake,
sagai saagi bolake,
puri shopping karali,
abhi shadi shadi bolari
kya karati ki kya ki……

March 31, 2008

Singapore in my Perspective

It’s been 5 months that I have moved from India to Singapore. I have adjusted well to the life style and work culture here in Singapore. Long time back I have written a similar blog regarding my life in Singapore. He I just want to tell what it is like living in here.

This country is always on shopping spree and you will see people shopping on sunday midnight. I dont know where the money is coming from. Because clothing I have seen is very costly here when compared to India. Lot of shopping malls are available. There are lot of melas here. Lot of sales, almost every month there will be a end of season sale. I dont know which season are they referring to. But over all Singapore has been a Shoppers Paradise and it will be.

The transport here is in Trains, Buses and Taxis.

The train stations in Singapore are always crowded and the subway train system is very amateur when you compare with Deutschland or Britain. I am not sure if there are less trains here or the crowd is more with respect to the number of trains. I always see the trains crowded. Every 3 to 5 minutes you have a train. So Over all I would rate this as good transport system. I think the Mumbai local trains are more frequent and carry more number of people.

The buses are privatised and SBS transit is the company which runs them. They have both AC and Non-AC buses and the fares change depending on what kind of bus you are goin in. I feel the train system is far better than the bus system. Because for some of the buses we need to wait for more than 10 minutes. All the buses are Volvo and are very comfortable though they are also crowded.

Taxi is the last thing someone would like to get into here in Singapore. The other transport is very much accessible, so we dont really think about the taxis. The asians feel that the Taxis here are costly. But people who come from Europe or USA feel that the Taxis here are very very cheap. I am from the group who feel it is very costly.

In terms of usage of technology, Singapore is obsessed with technology. You could get every new electronic gadgets at a very cheap price and may be it is because most of the goods here are coming from china and taiwan. Kids here are very much advanced in terms of technology when compared to an average engineering student in India. They play with PSPs and Laptops at the school level. The kids here are so much into using the Ipods or mp3 players that everybody in the train or bus would be seen with their ear phones ON. I have seen people here whose hands work like a machine when typing an sms in the mobile. Finally I can say the we have to grow a lot in India atleast in using the technology.

Religions and Race:
Multi ethinicity is onething which you would admire in Singapore. You could see a chinese temple and Hindu temple and a mosque in the same street.Sometimes it look a bit absurd but it adds a flavor to Singapore culture. There are Chinese Malays and Indians whom you can see in Large numbers. The next number would be more of Indonesians. The best part an Indian is Singapore give holidays for Diwali, MOharram and Good friday. So they have equal respect to all the religions.

Food Habits:
Food is onething which I have to talk abt when it comes to singapore. Singapore has food courts everywhere and you will find these multi cuisine food courts arranged in a stylish fashion throughout Singapore. I like to eat there but somehow i am eating only Indian. I have also tasted Thai food which is very much near to Indian food. You can find McDonalds and KFC in every community place. So food is available round the clock.

Holidaying in Singapore:
There are some lovely beaches around and spending your leisure time in Singapore is far more easier than in Europe. In europe holidays are seasonal but singaporeans enjoy every weekend like a holiday!

I shall write some more about the places around singapore very soon.

March 31, 2008

My Colleagues

When I was about to join my first company I was very much speculative about the colleagues that I am going to work with. I was out of the college where we used to have fun everyday and never was so disciplined and punctual in college. But to my wonder I always had a great company of good friends as my colleagues. I dedicate this post to everybody who worked with me.

My First Break @ GTL

My first career break was at Goldstone. The got my offer on my birthday as a gift to me. I was not sure how my colleagues are going to be. But when I went into the company to my wonder most of them in the team were freshers. We were again just a like a bunch of college students hanging out. As we used to have night shifts we enjoyed a lot. Even the seniors were so friendly and even they had a great time with us. At goldstone I made some of my friends for life time. They were the people who made me from zero( a second class graduate who had no experience and no software knowledge) to a hero( while leaving got 6 offers out of 7 interviews that I attended)

My Learning curve @ CA

My first day was always tough through out my life. I was always nervous on the first days. The same was the case with CA. Even here I was hoping to get good colleagues. On my day 1 I have found that I was the first person in the team who knew Business Objects. I already have 3 colleagues who were just kids out from their colleges. They were really nice to me. Later the team started to grow and I have made lot of friends in the team and I am still in contact with almost everyone even after leaving. Here I had an oppurtunity to work on the latest technologies. Everyone was an expert in some field and everyone supported me with their technical assistance.

My holidaying @ CS

When I got an offer from Singapore, I started to think whether I will have to go or not. This was becuase I heard a lot that the work in Singapore would be more and they would make you work even on weekends. But when I came to Singapore and joined CS, I am enjoying life as if I am on a holiday to Singapore. Here there is no work as the process is not so good. The work is still pending with the team who has to hand it over to my team. Even in this situations I learned lot of things which would be help ful in my future career. My colleagues here are having double the experience that I have. But everyone is very good and friendly with me.

So finally I would say I have always been lucky with respect to the colleagues that I have worked with. They have always been good and supportive.

March 31, 2008

First Post

Atlast me back to blogging again. Forgot my login details to my previous blogs. So thought shall start a new one. I am not good at blogging but will try to improve in future 🙂

I discussed with one of my friend who is a regular blogger as what should be my blog name. She has suggested quite a few good names. But I ended up with my family name. Pradnya hope you dont mind 😉

Hmmm and why Mr. Cool. Because I think I am cool .. hehehe …