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April 17, 2008

Sick Leave

I had been on sick leave yesterday. Was I really sick? No :). I went to my friends house warming cermony. Had a great time there. Had my lunch and by the time I came back home in the hot scorching sun, I really fell sick and was suffering from headache. I dont remember even a single day which I have really taken a sick leave when I was really sick ;). I think this is the case with everyone. Sick leaves are like boon for all the employees. Now a days people take 5 days leave and last two days would be sick leave so that they will actually use only 3 annual leave. But as we have just 7 sick leaves we actually use them very calculatively.

So how do you use them? Do you really use your sick leave when you are really sick?

April 15, 2008

Jurong Bird Park

This weekend I went to Jurong Bird Park. Here are the details

April 13, 2008

Jurong Bird Park

photoMy weekends are the worst days here in Singapore. Because there is no where I would go in the weekend and spend my whole before my laptop to watch movies. So I always wait and see who would call me to go out of that jail kind of room. This weekend I was lucky. I was called over to join my colleagues family to Jurong Bird Park.

To my surprise my roommate also wanted to join me. He is a busy person and normally dont really have time for such things. We both met my colleague at Boonlay. Took a bus to Bird Park. By the time we reached The bird park, it started raining heavily. Firstly we cursed for the rain, but later that turned out to be giving us a beautiful view of the bird park. We felt we were as if in a wet forest.

We had sandwiches in bustop and then entered the park. The entrance it self was really cool. From there we took ticket which was 22SGD for adult and 11SGD for children. This would also include the monorail which would give a overall view of the park. I would personally suggest you to go on for a ride once you enter and once when you leave. This would give you an idea as what to cover and what you have missed.

We first went into Penguin expedition. I was very much excited to see penguins as they will be available only in Antartica. At the same time I felt bad because they were caged there and tried some artificial environment. They were most of the time standing on the ice which you can see in the pictures below.

From there went went to Photography with the birds. There we can give 5SGD and take a picture (with our own camera) with the colorful parrots standing on our hands. From here we decided to go in monorail to the next stop Lory Station. We walked for sometime around to check different species here.

We have seen Hornbills, Southeast Asian Birds, Birds of Prey and Jungle jewels. On the way back to main station, we saw a lake. Once we reached the lake we were surprised and very much excited to see it to be the Flamingo lake. It has hundreds of Flamingos in it. At this point it was raining and the whole region was looking really awesome. We took some snaps there and decided to go to Pools Amphitheater to watch the birds and buddies show.

As it was raining the show got postponed. So we went into the World of Darkness which has different species of owls from all parts of the world. The whole area was filled with darkness and very small lights were used. We were not allowed to use the flash. As I dint have the tripod I couldnt get a proper picture of any of these birds in night mode.

It was still raining but as there was a huge audience already present they had to start the show. The show was simply superb. There was a show in which parrot speaks. There are two kiwi birds which would catch the food when it is thrown in the air. There are flamingos which march into the theater and go out as if they were told to do so. There were 7 different species of Pelicans which were displayed. There were parrots which would go through the rings hold by the audience in circular fashion. There was a basketball game between 2 different species of parrot. This was the best part of the whole bird park. Everybody in the amphitheater enjoyed this show.

The time was already 2.30 and we were very hungry. So we went and had some lunch in the restaurant present there. It was tool costly. But then we had a burger and then moved on. There was lot more to see. After lunch we went to see the Pelican cove where they were being fed with the fishes. We were also allowed to feed them. Pelican Cove was followed by Swan Lake. From here we went to the waterfall aviary.

We were shocked to see such a big waterfall which was made artificially and the look was completely natural. We took some pictures and decided to move on to see the birds of prey show. Here we saw some real big vultures and many other big birds. There was a big vulture which was just 3 months old. There was one bird which was 40 year old. There was a show where they would show how they come and catch the prey. Overall it was an awesome show.

By this time we were completely tired. But the Parrots paradise was one which we didnt see. So we went ahead to that spot. We saw so many varieties of parrots. I just knew the green parrot that is there in India. Here I could see parrots in so many colors. From there we went to Lory Loft. In my opinion this is the best place in the whole bird park.

In Lory Loft there were many parrots that are just left freely. These birds are very friendly. We can go ahead and feed them. It would cost SGD2 for feeding them. We took one such bowl which has some food for these birds. You just have to hold that bowl and go near the parrots. They will come and sit on your hand and shoulder. After seeing this we took the monorail and took a ride around bird park. Over all bird park is a worth to watch place in Singapore.

April 12, 2008

Busy Week

Its been nearly a week that I have actually opened the blog. This week has a been a bit busy as my work here has started. I shall start writing again from tomorrow and shall try to be more active.

April 9, 2008

Night Mode

This Pic is the taken at my friends condo. Thats the view that he has got for the pool from his apartment. I tried the night vision mode last night to take this pic. This is the first time that I got the Night Vision Mode photo right 🙂

April 8, 2008

No Honking Day

When I first came to Singapore I was surprised to see that people here hardly use horn on the road. The main reason behind this is the systematic trafic rules that everybody abides by. Most of the Singaporeans use the public transport in order to reduce the congestion in the traffic and reduce pollution. I always hoped to see India the same way.

Today I have seen an article in Rediff which says that, yesterday on the occasion of World Health Day Mumbai Traffic police has initiated this No Honking Day. There were some specific regions which were called as no honking zones which would include, schools, hospitals and courts. Though I heard it wasnt a success. Police has fined people who have actually honked in these zones. You just cant change things in a day. I hope this would increase the awareness among the people and going forward this would become a practice in India too.

April 7, 2008

Sarvadhaari Nama Samvatsara Shubakankshalu

Ugadi (Telugu: ఉగాది, from ಯುಗ yuga, era + ಆದಿ ādi, beginning; the start of an era) is the new year’s day for the people of the Deccan region of India. While the people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka use the term Ugadi for this festival, the people of Maharashtra term the same festival, observed on the same day, Gudi Padwa.

Sindhis, people from Sindh, celebrate the same day as their New Year day Cheti Chand. Ugadi is celebrated on different day every year because the Hindu calendar is a lunisolar calendar. The Saka calendar begins with the month of Chaitra (March/April) and the Ugadi mark the first day of the new year.

Vasanta Navaratri (literally – The 9-night Spring festival) starts on this day and culminates nine days later on Sri Ramanavami which falls on Chaitra Sudhdha Navami.

The new year as per the Solar calendar followed by the people of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Punjab, Assam, West Bengal and Nepal falls on 13/14/15th April.

The years would have names in Telugu. The name of the one that starts on today is Sarvadhaari. The one that ended is Sarvajit.

April 7, 2008

Simple things in life

Simple things in life that make me forget myself and get involved in

* Morning’s hot cup of coffee and great breakfast with newspaper full of comics to read

* A refreshing breeze in early morning

* A long drive

* Comics

* Tom and Jerry Video

* Any ice cream!

* Eating crisp dosas

* photography

* Playing cricket, table tennis and now a days bowling

* Any good movie

* Melodious music

* Sitting near the train door and watch the world go behind

* Sitting on the top of a tall hill and watching the world around

* Greenary and hills on treks

* Watch the water flowing down in a river/creek with small fish playing in the waters

* Rain, beautifil rain

* Swimming, in a river or a pool

* Watching waves in the sea

And there are many more that are not ‘Simple Things’

Your list?

April 7, 2008

Work Ethics

Work Ethics Redifined, by me

* Do not work long hours.

* Do not stay late.

* Arrive in time. If you come late, you may end up working late.

* When you have to choose between life and work, choose life. You can find some other work, you can’t find another life.

* If, for some reason, it is unavoidable to work odd hours or long hours, try to compensate for it. Never do a favor to company because the vice-versa will never happen.

* Never compromise for an unreasonable deadline. If there is no other choice, at least ask for some incentives.

* You work to live. Never let any one trick you to believe that it is actually otherwise.

* Setup distractions occasionally. Continuous work means fatigue.

* Remember, you are a worker, not a slave. If someone thinks otherwise, tell them.

* Don’t miss a chance to take holiday/vacation. Don’t pile up your earned leave and carry them on. Take a break when you can. Have fun when you can. See the world.

* Money is what is important. Not the work itself. But don’t ignore the later or former will never come to you.

* Retire by 35. Make enough money by then(how?! 😉 ). Use rest of your life to fulfil your dreams and do undone things that you always wanted to do.

And to make sure your career is not ruined by these ethics, following list is equally important. I would not fit them with the above because these are not the most pleasent things but definitely necessary.

* Work Smart, not hard, so that you don’t work late hours

* Don’t waste time in working hours simply fooling around, otherwise you will end up doing the undone work and prolonged working hours

* Don’t pick up a fight with your boss. It never helps(with experience :-)). If you have really major problems, leave the organization.

* Don’t cheat with your work, complete it properly. No one liked halk cooked food.

* Escalate problems quickly instead of trying heroics to resolve it(with experience :-)).

* If you know that your organization is drowning, forget all the ethics and pitch in for 24/7 help. Coz, otherwise, you are without a job. But never let your manager trick you into believing that your org is drowning.

I feel the whole set of points are in balance and are favorable to both organization and the worker and should be able to keep both sides happy. Whadduyusay?

April 7, 2008

My Travel Ambitions

My old list of places to go all around the world resurfaced when I was watching Discovery channel videos on different places around the world. The lonely planet series was awesome and was able to know about many places accross the world. Here are some of the huge list that I have in mind:

Alaska: Got introduced to the beauty of the place for the first time when I saw the movies ‘Mystery Alaska and To Brave Alaska’. I want to explore the place sometime. I would like to go on for a 3 month trip and cover the important places there.

The Himalayas: Not much needs to be said about them. I have once travelled northwards so far. These mountain ranges are my childhood fascination. There are so many beautiful places to explore. Once I have been there to Kedarnath and Badrinath and still want to see Vaishno Devi, Ladakh, Leh and Manasarovar. I would like to go on a 6 month continuous trek and road trip to cover all these places and also other popular places.

USA: There are loads of places in USA to be seen.
My favorite I would say is Grand Canyon. Since the day I have seen the pics of grand canyon I wanted to see them.
Also how can I forget the skywalk at grand canyon west.
I would also love to do skiing in Montana.
Nasa down at houston.
Red Rock Country. Also Red Rock Amphitheater in Colorado.
Hawaii’s Na Pali Coast, the awesome drive of the coast.
Heard and read a lot about Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco
The Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. I guess this also known as Mirror lake. I would love to do some photography here.
How can we miss Clingmans Dome along the Appalachian Trail in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The awesome view of the mountains from here.
And the one and only Niagara Falls.

Brazil: A place I always dreamed to go. To explore the spelndours of the Amazon’s rain forests and travel around the great river. Whenever I see these places in TV, I feel that I just have to be there. Brazil which is very much famous for its partying and also the beaches there.
Fernando de Noronha, Iguazu Falls, Rio de Janeiro and Christ the redeemer statue in Rio are some of the places.

New Guinea: Why in the world, would you wonder. This is probably the only place in the world yet where you can see forests so far untouched by man but still accesible. And here is where treepeople happen to exist beyond fantom comics!! Some of the tribes are known to spend more time on trees than land. They build huts on the top of very tall evergreen trees(!) and find a good part of their food in the trees.

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Zimbabwa: Zimbabwe came in the list mostly because of the greatest of the great Victoria waterfall that spans to a width of few miles(!). If you have seen it in NGC or somewhere, you can’t resist wanting to be there. To swim in the devils pool at the edge of these falls is something that I am looking forward to. If you see the pictures I bet you cannot resist it.
Ofcourse there are other places in Europe, Africa, Austraisa which I could post in a separate post. Right now I just included New Guinea and Zimbabwe from these continents. These are some of the places which you cannot miss.