A Typical day at office

Huh See how much I am bored here at office I started writing about this boring stuff at office also. Anyways let me start …

My day at office starts at 9.30AM (Though everybody comes at 8.55AM, some habits are hard to change). Before I start my system I go to fill my water bottle. It was nice in Goldstone when a office boy used to get a new bottle once they we finish them. Anyways after that I come and check my office mails. As my work is not yet started I dont really get any mails. I start reading rediff.com and wikipedia. And if there is any match I closely follow ball by ball in both cricinfo and cricbuzz sites. In between I pass time calling home and talking to mom dad for more than 30mins.

And once it is 12Noon, I go out for lunch and come back at 1PM. Once I come back I start feeling drowzy and it would be tough for me to sit at my desk. So I just try to look around in the office or go out for sometime. Oh I didnt tell you about my seating right. Exactly opposite to me I can see a gaint screen in Suntec City building which gives ads about restaurants mobiles, Tvs etc. On the right side of me I can see the Marina Walk building and the Gaint Singapore Flyer. On the left hand side I can see all the skyscrapers in Singapore out there. Now if I just turn around there are so many women of other teams working. Its only my team that we dont have that foreign girls stuff. As its a IT team we all are Indians. Rest all the teams look beautiful with so many people from so many different regions.

So that was about my seating. So after my lunch I try to sleep for atleast 30 mins. By the time I wake and go around time will be 3 and its time for tea. So we go down to have some tea and coffee. We are like 6 to 8 people who go down and sit at the cafe while only 2 drink hahaha. We come back at 3.30 and I start reading the sites again for the final news of the day. At 5.30PM I start back home.

Thats a very typical boring day at office in my life.


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