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July 31, 2008

Night Life @ Phuket

In Phuket night life is concentrated in Patong and around Bangla Road. Before we started to Phuket we heard and read a lot about this area. We decided to enjoy this night life completely. There are 2 roads in Patong where you can enjoy the night life. Rat-U-Thit Road and Bangla Road. Once you enter this Bangla road the surroundings speak about the night life here.

The whole road is loud, raunchy and rollicking nightlife and entertainment offered in this area unforgettable. I would rate this area as number one nightlife zone in all the places I have been to in Asia. You have a mix of restaurant-lounges, beer bars, Go-Go bars, pubs, discos, live music clubs, and a lot more.

The Bangla road which looks very quite and calm during the day time just goes wild during the night. The whole road is full of life till 4AM. The music played in the bars and pubs is simply superb. There are so many girls arranged by the bars and pubs who dance to these numbers to attract the tourist to their pubs. Some of the places may have girls in some kind of a school girl outfits and some places may have choreographed shows. Bottom line is that the basic element of girls, stage and dancing will be present.

As you walk through the road you can see Beer Bars which are little joints packed side by side on the small arcades known as ‘Bar Sois’ which has a wide variety of drinks and beer available. These beer bars also have the dancing poles where girls dance in batches. We went into Tiger Pub which had the best crowd and music in the whole road. We danced to those wonderful hip hop numbers till 4AM.

There is lot more to write about the night life here. But I would not like to reveal the whole fun around Patong. It would be good if somebody experiences this rather and reading about the whole excitement.

July 28, 2008

Snorkelling Experience at Phuket

My first day at Phuket was very eventful. Did so many activities and most of them were first time for me. As soon as we arrived to Phuket we decided as what to be done on day 1, but we were not sure as what should we do on day 2. Our hotel owner Mary helped us in this decision. She suggested us to go on for a Snorkelling tour to Phi Phi Islands. I have read a lot about Phi Phi Islands and hence decided to go for it. So on the day 2 we had booked a speedboat snorkeling tour to some Islands off of the coast along with the Phi Phi Island. The snorkeling trip was really worth the money. We had 2 snorkelling sessions and visit to islands along with the speed boat experience.

Tours with which we went

Thats the speed boat in which we went

Speed Boat driver

Tour Guide

We woke up early and by 8.00AM a vehicle came to pick us up. We reached the place where these speed boat trips were organised. Firstly the guide explained us the trip details and then suggested everybody to take the sea sickness tablet to avoid any health problems during the tour. We were also asked to take the fins in order to avoid any damage to the feet while doing the snorkelling. We headed out in our 50 seater speed boat. On the way, we were shown the monkey beach which was at that time empty without any monkeys.

Thats Maya Beach

View from the Beach

Lime Stone Mountains

Crowd at the Beach

It took us almost an hour before we reached the first beach (Ko Phi Phi Leh). The Maya Bay, the white sandy stretch that became famous by the Hollywood film ‘The Beach’ staring Leonardo Di Caprio. It was really a nice place to relax. The island has steep limestone hills surrounding a shallow bay. That was a great experience as we saw some really wonderful clear waters. We spent some time there taking some pictures. We didnt really got down into the water as we directly wanted to jump in for the snorkelling.


Close up shot where you can even see some fishes

Colorful Fishes

Our second stop wasn’t actually on an island, we were just stopped at some distance off the shore and were asked to jump off the boat for snorkeling. We were so excited to see that clear water. We were able to see the coral with our naked eye from the boat. We were given 30 mins to enjoy this beauty. We wore the goggles and the respiratory pipe and jumped into the water. The coral here was nicer than any of the other islands we stopped. Here we saw a lot of fish too. Here at all the islands the fish just swarm around us. I actually saw some really really beautiful and colorful fishes in the sea. As this was my first snorkelling experience I felt great and had a nice time in there.

Phi Phi Island


Lunch House

Our third stop was Phi Phi Island. This island was very calm. It was in the mid afternoon when the sun was right on our heads we went into the huts where we had our lunch. The lunch was organised by the tour guys and it was simply superb. We liked the food a lot. After lunch we just enjoyed at the beach and did some photography of the location. We got total 1 hour rest at this island. There was lot more to see in the island but we just passed some time at the beach and started to our next destination Khai Island. It was more than an hour journey from Phi Phi Island.

By the time we reached Khai Island it was around 2 in the afternoon. We spent almost 2 hours at this beach. We did swimming and snorkelling for more than an hour here. It was really great. We almost went into middle of the sea seeing the coral and the fishes. We could also see some creatures which looked dangerous. We have seen those in Discovery Channel and now we are seeing them directly. It was a great experience here also. We once again did some nice photography and finally the whole trip ended at 5PM. This tour costed 1500 Bhat per head.

July 24, 2008

Busy Itenary

I have been doing a lot of travel and activities for the past 2 months. Just thought I would pen down the itenary for my trips.

16-26 May, Hyderabad -> Delhi – > Nainital – > Ranikhet – > Bageshwar – > Kausani – > Almora – > Haldwani – > Delhi -> Hyderabad.India

7-9 June, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

28-30 June, Phuket, Thailand

17-20 July, KL & Genting, Malaysia

26 July, Johar Bahru, Malaysia

27 July, Melacca, Malaysia

21-24 Aug, Hanoi & Hallong Bay, Vietnam

Next destinations I am looking forward is for Hanoi, Vietnam and Vaishno Devi, India.

July 24, 2008

The Wait is Over

After a wait of over 5 months finally I got my ticket to see the First Ever F1 Night Race in Singapore. I booked the ticket on 18th of Feb 2008. I wanted to be part of history so I definitely wanted to see the race. But the dilema was to decide on which ticket to be taken. Finally I dared and took the pit stop ticket which costed me 1400SGD. Hopefully it should be worth the amount.

Day before yesterday I went to Singapore post to collect my Ticket. I was totally unaware as how the ticket would look like. The lady at the post office gave a big box when I gave her the mail that I had. I thought there would some goodies too. But to my surprise it was a hollow box with just the ticket box. This box contained the 3 passes for 3 days of race and a circuit map.

The event is on 26, 27 and 28th of Sep 2008. Shall update you with the race details very soon. By the way I forgot to tell you the seat number where I am going to sit. Its the exact point where the race starts :). So I will be the first person to see who has won the race.

July 21, 2008

Flower Photography in KL

July 21, 2008

Back from KL

I am back from Malaysia trip. We had a great fun there. Have done many activities. Had some new experiences. Day 1 was quite interesting and had so much of activity while the second day was a bit relaxing and a bit disappointing at some points. We have been to Petronas Towers, KL Tower, Times Square, China Town, Batu Caves and Genting. I had some new experiences like a Roller Coaster Ride and Casino. I also learned some Malay words which we used through out the trip. I shall update the whole story in my travel blog along with the pics very soon.

July 17, 2008

Going to KL

This weekend we planned to go to KL. I, Nagaraj, Srinivas and Vidyadhar are in the group. This time we thought we would give it a try by going in a train. We have a train at 9.30PM on Friday in Singapore and we would reach KL by 6AM. Similarly we have a train back at 9.30PM on Sunday in KL and we would reach Singapore by 8AM. Hope this trip will go fine as we started hearing some news about red alert in KL. So lets see how things go. I shall udpate my KL experience very soon.

July 15, 2008

The Simon Cabaret Show

There are some compulsory to visit places in Phuket especially for the first time visitors. One of them is the legendary Simon Cabert. The show is a dance performance of the “beautiful” ladyboys. This started in October 1991 and have been attracting many visitors around the world. As most of the tour agencies my hotel lady also suggested us to see this show. We already had some info about this show so we asked the hotel owner to book a ticket for us on day 1 itslef. Actually the tickets to the show are available at any small shop or hotel or restaurant on the island. They charge us 500 Bhat for the show.

At around 6.30 we had the pick up for the show. We had a Pizza in the evening and went back to room where the pick up van was waiting for us. We sat in the van and it went along the Patong road and picked some more visitors on the way to the Simon Cabaret. Finally we reached the place where the show happens. The whole show is very well organised including the pick ups and drops for the show.

As we showed the tickets and entered the hall, we saw the lights and sets built for this purpose of concert hall were amazing. The show is indeed classy and the dancers are professionals. Some of the girls (Lady Boys) were unbelievably gorgeous.You just cant think of the procedures they would have done to become “more of a woman than a woman”. Some more were just plain scary-ugly. This was their main livelihood. They lipsync to hollywood hits and even showcase some Asian songs.

After the show we can take some pictures with them. We though did not show interest in taking the pictures with them. But we took some of the pics of the dancers who stand outside at the exit and invite us to take a pic with them. We have to pay around 40 Bhat for the pic. Finally I would say that the dancers, costume, makeup, stage props, lightings, sound system etc are of professional quality, you wont regret the 500 Bhat you paid to watch the show.

July 14, 2008

Activities at Phuket

After my bungy jump, we went for other activities which we planned for in Phuket. I was always fond of water sports as they were not really available in India. Our taxi guy took us to shooting center from the world bungy. I was not really interested in doing the shooting as I did some very interesting and exciting shooting at Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam. Srinivas and Nagaraj did the shooting part I did the camera work. Even I posed with the sniper gun for a photo. After shooting we headed for the ATV ride.


There were guns guns and only guns

Price List

Nagaraj Trying his Shooting skills

Hmmm none hit the bulls eye

I remember Akshay Kumar driving the ATV in one of his movies. I always wanted to see how it goes. This was an exciting experience here. Finally we were at the scene and I could see so many ATVs and Dirt track bikes parked there. Just besides this was the Go-Karting track. The cost for ATV ride was 800 Bhat and Bike ride was 1500 Bhat. Me and Nagaraj took the ATVs while Srinivas took the Bike Ride. I have already experienced the dirt bike in Hyderabad. So I wanted to try ATV. We got the necessary gear which was just the helmet for ATV.

The shop guy started the ATV and that very sound when it started was awesome. Now I knew how much fun I would have. I mounted the ATV and started accelerating. But to my surprise I was finding it difficult to handle in the first lap. But as the laps increased I started feeling the ease and enjoyed the ride. The track was very muddy with ups and downs. Meanwhile Srinivas was taking pics and video of the whole ride. It was fun. Later Srinivas enjoyed the ride and this time I did the camera work.

Me & Nagraj ready for the ride

Look at the muddy track

Those are the ATVs we rode

Srinivas Biking

From here we wanted to go for Go-Karting. We could see some real fast go-karts were available there. But the cost was way too high around 2000 Bhat for a 125cc Go-Kart. So we took a wise decision of not doing that as we all already experienced that in Hyderabad. So we moved on. As the activities in the city were done we went to the room had some lunch and moved to Patong Beach.

The beach was just 2 mins walk from our hotel room. At the first look of the beach we felt it was too crowded. There were so many people resting the umbrella shade along the beach. There was no place for us to take a shade. So we decided to directly go for the activities. We could see that people were surfing, swimming, playing football, jet skiing, para sailing and many other activities.

First thing we went for was Para Sailing. I took the first plunge again and tried it. I was tied with the protective ropes and attached to the rope from the speed boat. Behind me was a huge parachute. I was so excited as I was doing something which I have just seen in the television. But the only regretting part is I cant fly alone as somebody has to navigate the parachute. So there was one more guy who accompanied me for this. Once he said 3..2..1 I started running towards the water and the boat started speeding. With in 2 secs I started to go up in the air. It was great fun. Things started looking very small. We took a round in the sea and once again came back to the same location where we started. The guy who did the navigation of my parachute was just a small boy. This ride costed me 800Bhat. Later Nagaraj and Srinivas didnt really wanted to do the same as most of the part of it was done by the navigator and we have to just sit there.

Getting tied

Seconds before I was in Sky

Thats me there

Thats the far most point they took me to

On the way back to ground

After Para Sailing, we went for Jet Skiing. Yet again I went for it first. I was very very much excited for this as speed is very much involved in it. I missed this when I went to Bintan, Indonesia. As I know swimming I thought I would directly go for it without any life jacket. But as people suggested I wore the life jacket and sat on the machine. Once the Jet-ski started my pulse rate increased as I was going to drive that in the middle of the sea. The guy said GO and I started accelerating the Jet-Ski. It slowly crossed the waves coming from the front and reached the middle of the sea. I could hardly see the people clearly at the beach. Now I started accelerating the Jet-Ski and it was going so fast that even at a point of time I got scared about that and slowed down. It was a great experience. We did for Half an hour with 10 minutes each. We were charged 1500Bhat for this ride.

About to start

Waves Ahead

Jumping in Water

In the Middle of the Sea

Thats me & the Jet-Ski
July 13, 2008

London se Aayi mera Dost

Last week was full of fun. I met my friend whom I didnt see for the past 4 years. She came to Singapore last week to meet her brother. She and her sister both were here for about a week. I could spend almost 3 days with them. I met her on 8th July while they were leaving on 11th July. At the very first sight of her I felt very happy as I was seeing her after such a long time.

Tuesday, I went to office and took ML to meet her. I went to her place at around 12.30 in the afternoon. I also met her brother and sister. Her sister had a cute little 2 month old kid who was so sweet and cute. By the time I went there they werent ready so I waited for a while had lunch and then we went to Orchard Road for shopping at Takashi Maya.

Gayatri did lot of shopping. Even though her brother was against this she some how managed to spend so much money on this shopping. In the night we went to Little India to have dinner. Her brother Ravi gave a small party which also included his friends. We had dinner at Fifth Season restaurant. From here Ravi asked me to come home for over night and can go to office directly in the morning. Gayatri was ready to stay awake so that we can chit chat for sometime. Ravi and Radha (Gayatri’s Sister) slept by 1AM. Me and Gayatri sat till morning and spoke about the happenings in our respective lives. We spoke till morning 4.30 and then I came back home as I had office.

Wednesday, I once again left office by 4PM. They came to Suntec City. So I went to meet them there. They wanted to go around Raffles Place. We walked through the Suntec City food court, Also saw the Fountain. In Suntec Gayatri once again did some shopping at Levis. We walked further and I showed them my office and the city link mall. We walked further to Esplanade and the Indian war memorial structure. Finally we stopped at the Merlion. We took many pics throughout the way. From Merlion around 8PM we went to Little India again to have dinner at Saravana Bhavan restaurant. We had our dinner and dispersed to our respective houses.

Thursday, Yet another quick jumo from office. Left office at around 4PM to go to China Town to meet my friend. They were already there. I met them at the pagoda. They did some shopping. Had some Thailand coconut water. From there we went to Perumal temple in Little India. This was my first time to Perumal Temple. It was very nice. We then went to Mustafa to do some more shopping and had dinner at Raj Restaurant. After dinner Ravi asked me to stay back at their place as I would anyways come to airport the next day. So I once again went to stay over night at her place. As she was going the next morning, I helped her in her packing. We sat and chit chatted for some more time. By the time we realised time was 6 in the morning and we started off to airport. We had a very nice time together for 3 days. Even her family members were very nice to me. Finally it was time to say good bye.