Day 6 – Bageshwar – Baidyanath – Kausani – Ranikhet (22/05/2008)

Though Bageshwar was a beautiful place and had a great experience, we all felt we wasted a complete day at that small place. Rather we would have seen many more places. We spoke to Subash and decided to start early today and reach Delhi early, so that we can do some shopping. So this is where we got detached from the other group.

To day we all got up very early by 4 AM and get ready by 5 AM to get started by 6AM. Today’s first destination was Baidyanath. Finally we managed to start by 6.30AM. After going for 20 or 30 KM we reached Baidyanath temple. It is located adjacent to a river. It has two main temples of Lord Shiva, apart from some small temples. It is believed that Pandavas has constructed this temple in just 1 day.

Before entering the temple we were guided to a pool which has many varieties of fishes of different sizes. We bought “Pelalu” for feeding the fishes. From there we took some pics of fishes and the temple from outside. The temple was small but very beautiful. We performed Puja in two temples. The Panditji here was an employee of Archaeological dept. He performed special puja for about ½ hour. He looked very knowledgeable and told us the history of the temple. Inside the main temple we saw goddess Parvati with Brahma, Vishnu, Ganesha studded on either side of the idol. In the center Shiva Lingam is there where we performed Abhishekam and placed Maredy palm leaves and flowers.

After performing pooja we had a small photo session where we took the group photos out side the temple. From there we headed to Chamatkari Shila. We were told that this is a miracle stone and has some specialty. We went there and saw a stone which was not so big that it cannot be lifted. Our guide asked us to try if we can lift the stone. I tried first and failed. My brother tried the same and failed. I and my brother both tried and we were able to lift it with great difficulty. Now guide asked for 5 people to come together to lift the stone, but with just the folder fingers tips touching the stone.

Then he wanted us to chant “Now Now Now Now” (Its not the English Now I am referring to, its 9 in hindi) while lifting the stone. To everybody’s surprise a miracle happened. The stone which we lifted with four hands with great difficulty was lifted with much ease with just the finger tips. So we interchanged with in the group and lifted the stone.

From there we traveled along hill side. On the way we saw some stunning views of mountains and valleys. We then came near the Kausani Tea Estate. Just out side the Tea estate there was a tea kiosk (chai bandi) and above which had a wonderful view point of Himalayas. From this view point we can see Nanda Devi, Trishul, Mrigthuni, Nanda Ghunti, Nanda Kot, Capsadhura and Panchachuli Group. Now now don’t get excited we didn’t get that viewL. There was a huge cloud before us which was spoiling our view.

We came down the roof and sat at the Tea powder selling point. Here they had a tea powder which would cost nearly 25K per Kg. We all purchased Tea powder (not the costly one). We also bought Fruit Juice of Himalayas which was good for Heart. We then proceeded to KAUSANI, another place from where we could get a wonderful view of Himalaya ranges. We actually didn’t really have the hope to see them because of the thick clouds covering the area. We stopped on the way for breakfast. We took breakfast of Alu and Muli Parotas. The taste was awesome. We had stomach full and then started to Ranikhet where we were having the night halt.

On the outskirts of Ranikhet we came across a Kalimata temple. We stopped there for darshan. It was nearly 200 steps up there so not everybody came. I, mom, Radhika aunty, Urmila aunty and Seshagiri Rao uncle were the people who went for darshan. After temple darshan of Kalimata when we came out of the temple it was heavily raining. By the time rain stopped the whole region was covered with thick pile of clouds. Even the people couple of feet away were not visible. There was another temple on the way down where the pujari cleverly tricked us and took 250 for each family and performed some pooja. Though I didn’t like the way pujari took money from us but still we kept the belief in god and did the pooja.

We came down and started off to the township of Ranikhet. On the way we saw a huge Golf club which was naturally formed. It was there in the Military camp area. The driver also showed us the tree and guest house that were used in the Raja Hindustani movie.

We further traveled down to the hotel through the local market which was located in the narrow lanes. We were then taken to Hotel Tribuvan in Raniket. This hotel was popular for its wonderful view point of Himalayas. But as it happened through out the journey, the weather again played the spoilsport. We took some snaps of the clouds and also some videos. Later Mom, Bhabhi, Radhika aunty and Urmila aunty went for Shopping. As we all felt heavy stomach and no hunger due to sumptuous break fast, we skipped lunch.

As the weather was cold Dad, Seshagiri Rao uncle and Gopal Uncle enjoyed the afternoon session with Royal challenge along with Muli, mango apart from mixture. Me and brother watched T.V in the other room. After drinks session dad and uncles went to see the bazaar. The rooms were not so good. Added to this there was a power cut in the hotel room. We ordered dinner at the hotel itself and took dinner in the candle light. There was no hot water provision. The hotel guy who served us was also not well disciplined. Over all the day went fine.


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