My Bungy Jump Experience

I had a wonderful experience last month when I tried bungee jumping for the first time in my life in Phuket, Thailand. Since the day I started planning to travel around Asia, I had always wanted to try out bungee jumping. I wanted to do this directly in NZ, but as a net practice as I was in Phuket I thought I will try this. When I was in Phuket last month, the first thing we did was to go to World Bungy at Patong Beach in Phuket. Without thinking twice, me and Srinivas went for it! Everything happened in seconds and before I knew it, I was already bouncing up and down.

The first thing we were asked to do was signing up some declaration forms stating that I was in the sane mind and physically fit to take up this jump. Me and Srinivas signed the document and paid 1600 Bhat each for the jump. The cost would include the Jump, a T-shirt and a certificate of bravery. I was the first person to take the jump. So jump master asked me check my weight. It was 78Kg. He wrote that number on my right hand. He then explained me how the jump is done.

My Weight being taken

My friend and I proceeded to a clearing where we could see the crane which would take us to the 60m height. From the ground I didnt really feel that it was so much height. I was asked to remove everything from my pockets and also remove the shoe. I was tied up so hard that it was a bit hurting me. At this moment I was thinking as why the hell they were tying so tight. After carefully tying my ankles they asked me to hop to the crane that will take me to the top. I asked the jump master if I can do a half dip. But Nagaraj and Srinivas did not allow me to do so.

Rope being tied

Hopping towards the crane

And the final moments came. The crane started going up. The cameras were rolling. Jump master introduced himself and asked about me. He also asked me if this was my first time. He suggested me not to look down when I go up. But while going up when I started looking down I could see the things becoming very tiny. I could hardly see Nagaraj and Srinivas who were taking pictures of mine. I was on the top and saw down now I could feel the 60mts height which is equivalent to almost 20 storeys.

On the way to the top.

Seconds before the jump, you can see me at the edge

I was talking to the jump master who was coming up with me and he gave me the last set of instructions. He said: “When you are up there, you will move to the edge of the platform. When I say ‘ready,’ you will echo back ‘ready.’ Then I will count 3, 2, 1 and you will jump out of the platform with your arms opening wide like a cross”. I said OK I shall do it. When I was on the edge and when he said ready, I couldnt really echo it back but asked him if I can wait for a while before taking the plunge. He warned saying the more I wait the more would be the tension. He also said that if I get tensed and miss the jump then there is no refund.

Now I was standing at the edge of the crane. I kept my head straight at horizontal level and took a glance at the beautiful scenery in front of me. It was just seconds before the jump and so many things going on in mind. Here I go … Jump Master shouted, “Ready?” I echoed back, “Ready!” He then counted down, “3 … 2 … 1 … jump!”

And thats the jump

Voohoooh …

Flying like a bird

About to touch the water

Bouncing back

As I have been seeing Bungy Jump videos for past few days I knew the exact way I have to jump. So I simply hurled myself forward and out of the jumping platform. The split seconds after I was out of the platform I could hardly see or hear anything other than my saying to my self voh voh voh what am I doing … For a while the clock stopped ticking. By the time I realised I was already bouncing back. The worst part came when the tension was releasing in the rope tied to me. I was being swirled like clothes in the washing machine. As I was having the head problem it was really difficult during this time to keep my heart strong. Because of this swirling action I was just kept quite. Nagaraj and Srinivas were enquiring if I was still alive. I was saying Yes in between. Finally it took few moments before coming to a stop.

Coming to rest with the help of bamboo

Srinivas Half Dip

I was brought back to the ground with a bamboo pole. I gladly grabbed the pole as I wanted to get rid of that swirling action. The guy standing there pulled me on to a platform having a sponge bed just besides the pond. They untied me from the rope. What an experience! Yes! I had finally done my bungee jump! The next was Srinivas turn who did half dip successfully and he was much comfortable even with the swirling action. It was great fun. When I was back at home and told my family about my jump they said I have gone crazy. My next jump would hopefully be at Macau when I go to Hongkong. FYI: Macau has the worlds tallest bungy jump (233mts).

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