Activities at Phuket

After my bungy jump, we went for other activities which we planned for in Phuket. I was always fond of water sports as they were not really available in India. Our taxi guy took us to shooting center from the world bungy. I was not really interested in doing the shooting as I did some very interesting and exciting shooting at Cu Chi Tunnels in Vietnam. Srinivas and Nagaraj did the shooting part I did the camera work. Even I posed with the sniper gun for a photo. After shooting we headed for the ATV ride.


There were guns guns and only guns

Price List

Nagaraj Trying his Shooting skills

Hmmm none hit the bulls eye

I remember Akshay Kumar driving the ATV in one of his movies. I always wanted to see how it goes. This was an exciting experience here. Finally we were at the scene and I could see so many ATVs and Dirt track bikes parked there. Just besides this was the Go-Karting track. The cost for ATV ride was 800 Bhat and Bike ride was 1500 Bhat. Me and Nagaraj took the ATVs while Srinivas took the Bike Ride. I have already experienced the dirt bike in Hyderabad. So I wanted to try ATV. We got the necessary gear which was just the helmet for ATV.

The shop guy started the ATV and that very sound when it started was awesome. Now I knew how much fun I would have. I mounted the ATV and started accelerating. But to my surprise I was finding it difficult to handle in the first lap. But as the laps increased I started feeling the ease and enjoyed the ride. The track was very muddy with ups and downs. Meanwhile Srinivas was taking pics and video of the whole ride. It was fun. Later Srinivas enjoyed the ride and this time I did the camera work.

Me & Nagraj ready for the ride

Look at the muddy track

Those are the ATVs we rode

Srinivas Biking

From here we wanted to go for Go-Karting. We could see some real fast go-karts were available there. But the cost was way too high around 2000 Bhat for a 125cc Go-Kart. So we took a wise decision of not doing that as we all already experienced that in Hyderabad. So we moved on. As the activities in the city were done we went to the room had some lunch and moved to Patong Beach.

The beach was just 2 mins walk from our hotel room. At the first look of the beach we felt it was too crowded. There were so many people resting the umbrella shade along the beach. There was no place for us to take a shade. So we decided to directly go for the activities. We could see that people were surfing, swimming, playing football, jet skiing, para sailing and many other activities.

First thing we went for was Para Sailing. I took the first plunge again and tried it. I was tied with the protective ropes and attached to the rope from the speed boat. Behind me was a huge parachute. I was so excited as I was doing something which I have just seen in the television. But the only regretting part is I cant fly alone as somebody has to navigate the parachute. So there was one more guy who accompanied me for this. Once he said 3..2..1 I started running towards the water and the boat started speeding. With in 2 secs I started to go up in the air. It was great fun. Things started looking very small. We took a round in the sea and once again came back to the same location where we started. The guy who did the navigation of my parachute was just a small boy. This ride costed me 800Bhat. Later Nagaraj and Srinivas didnt really wanted to do the same as most of the part of it was done by the navigator and we have to just sit there.

Getting tied

Seconds before I was in Sky

Thats me there

Thats the far most point they took me to

On the way back to ground

After Para Sailing, we went for Jet Skiing. Yet again I went for it first. I was very very much excited for this as speed is very much involved in it. I missed this when I went to Bintan, Indonesia. As I know swimming I thought I would directly go for it without any life jacket. But as people suggested I wore the life jacket and sat on the machine. Once the Jet-ski started my pulse rate increased as I was going to drive that in the middle of the sea. The guy said GO and I started accelerating the Jet-Ski. It slowly crossed the waves coming from the front and reached the middle of the sea. I could hardly see the people clearly at the beach. Now I started accelerating the Jet-Ski and it was going so fast that even at a point of time I got scared about that and slowed down. It was a great experience. We did for Half an hour with 10 minutes each. We were charged 1500Bhat for this ride.

About to start

Waves Ahead

Jumping in Water

In the Middle of the Sea

Thats me & the Jet-Ski

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