The Simon Cabaret Show

There are some compulsory to visit places in Phuket especially for the first time visitors. One of them is the legendary Simon Cabert. The show is a dance performance of the “beautiful” ladyboys. This started in October 1991 and have been attracting many visitors around the world. As most of the tour agencies my hotel lady also suggested us to see this show. We already had some info about this show so we asked the hotel owner to book a ticket for us on day 1 itslef. Actually the tickets to the show are available at any small shop or hotel or restaurant on the island. They charge us 500 Bhat for the show.

At around 6.30 we had the pick up for the show. We had a Pizza in the evening and went back to room where the pick up van was waiting for us. We sat in the van and it went along the Patong road and picked some more visitors on the way to the Simon Cabaret. Finally we reached the place where the show happens. The whole show is very well organised including the pick ups and drops for the show.

As we showed the tickets and entered the hall, we saw the lights and sets built for this purpose of concert hall were amazing. The show is indeed classy and the dancers are professionals. Some of the girls (Lady Boys) were unbelievably gorgeous.You just cant think of the procedures they would have done to become “more of a woman than a woman”. Some more were just plain scary-ugly. This was their main livelihood. They lipsync to hollywood hits and even showcase some Asian songs.

After the show we can take some pictures with them. We though did not show interest in taking the pictures with them. But we took some of the pics of the dancers who stand outside at the exit and invite us to take a pic with them. We have to pay around 40 Bhat for the pic. Finally I would say that the dancers, costume, makeup, stage props, lightings, sound system etc are of professional quality, you wont regret the 500 Bhat you paid to watch the show.


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