The Wait is Over

After a wait of over 5 months finally I got my ticket to see the First Ever F1 Night Race in Singapore. I booked the ticket on 18th of Feb 2008. I wanted to be part of history so I definitely wanted to see the race. But the dilema was to decide on which ticket to be taken. Finally I dared and took the pit stop ticket which costed me 1400SGD. Hopefully it should be worth the amount.

Day before yesterday I went to Singapore post to collect my Ticket. I was totally unaware as how the ticket would look like. The lady at the post office gave a big box when I gave her the mail that I had. I thought there would some goodies too. But to my surprise it was a hollow box with just the ticket box. This box contained the 3 passes for 3 days of race and a circuit map.

The event is on 26, 27 and 28th of Sep 2008. Shall update you with the race details very soon. By the way I forgot to tell you the seat number where I am going to sit. Its the exact point where the race starts :). So I will be the first person to see who has won the race.


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