Snorkelling Experience at Phuket

My first day at Phuket was very eventful. Did so many activities and most of them were first time for me. As soon as we arrived to Phuket we decided as what to be done on day 1, but we were not sure as what should we do on day 2. Our hotel owner Mary helped us in this decision. She suggested us to go on for a Snorkelling tour to Phi Phi Islands. I have read a lot about Phi Phi Islands and hence decided to go for it. So on the day 2 we had booked a speedboat snorkeling tour to some Islands off of the coast along with the Phi Phi Island. The snorkeling trip was really worth the money. We had 2 snorkelling sessions and visit to islands along with the speed boat experience.

Tours with which we went

Thats the speed boat in which we went

Speed Boat driver

Tour Guide

We woke up early and by 8.00AM a vehicle came to pick us up. We reached the place where these speed boat trips were organised. Firstly the guide explained us the trip details and then suggested everybody to take the sea sickness tablet to avoid any health problems during the tour. We were also asked to take the fins in order to avoid any damage to the feet while doing the snorkelling. We headed out in our 50 seater speed boat. On the way, we were shown the monkey beach which was at that time empty without any monkeys.

Thats Maya Beach

View from the Beach

Lime Stone Mountains

Crowd at the Beach

It took us almost an hour before we reached the first beach (Ko Phi Phi Leh). The Maya Bay, the white sandy stretch that became famous by the Hollywood film ‘The Beach’ staring Leonardo Di Caprio. It was really a nice place to relax. The island has steep limestone hills surrounding a shallow bay. That was a great experience as we saw some really wonderful clear waters. We spent some time there taking some pictures. We didnt really got down into the water as we directly wanted to jump in for the snorkelling.


Close up shot where you can even see some fishes

Colorful Fishes

Our second stop wasn’t actually on an island, we were just stopped at some distance off the shore and were asked to jump off the boat for snorkeling. We were so excited to see that clear water. We were able to see the coral with our naked eye from the boat. We were given 30 mins to enjoy this beauty. We wore the goggles and the respiratory pipe and jumped into the water. The coral here was nicer than any of the other islands we stopped. Here we saw a lot of fish too. Here at all the islands the fish just swarm around us. I actually saw some really really beautiful and colorful fishes in the sea. As this was my first snorkelling experience I felt great and had a nice time in there.

Phi Phi Island


Lunch House

Our third stop was Phi Phi Island. This island was very calm. It was in the mid afternoon when the sun was right on our heads we went into the huts where we had our lunch. The lunch was organised by the tour guys and it was simply superb. We liked the food a lot. After lunch we just enjoyed at the beach and did some photography of the location. We got total 1 hour rest at this island. There was lot more to see in the island but we just passed some time at the beach and started to our next destination Khai Island. It was more than an hour journey from Phi Phi Island.

By the time we reached Khai Island it was around 2 in the afternoon. We spent almost 2 hours at this beach. We did swimming and snorkelling for more than an hour here. It was really great. We almost went into middle of the sea seeing the coral and the fishes. We could also see some creatures which looked dangerous. We have seen those in Discovery Channel and now we are seeing them directly. It was a great experience here also. We once again did some nice photography and finally the whole trip ended at 5PM. This tour costed 1500 Bhat per head.

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