Night Life @ Phuket

In Phuket night life is concentrated in Patong and around Bangla Road. Before we started to Phuket we heard and read a lot about this area. We decided to enjoy this night life completely. There are 2 roads in Patong where you can enjoy the night life. Rat-U-Thit Road and Bangla Road. Once you enter this Bangla road the surroundings speak about the night life here.

The whole road is loud, raunchy and rollicking nightlife and entertainment offered in this area unforgettable. I would rate this area as number one nightlife zone in all the places I have been to in Asia. You have a mix of restaurant-lounges, beer bars, Go-Go bars, pubs, discos, live music clubs, and a lot more.

The Bangla road which looks very quite and calm during the day time just goes wild during the night. The whole road is full of life till 4AM. The music played in the bars and pubs is simply superb. There are so many girls arranged by the bars and pubs who dance to these numbers to attract the tourist to their pubs. Some of the places may have girls in some kind of a school girl outfits and some places may have choreographed shows. Bottom line is that the basic element of girls, stage and dancing will be present.

As you walk through the road you can see Beer Bars which are little joints packed side by side on the small arcades known as ‘Bar Sois’ which has a wide variety of drinks and beer available. These beer bars also have the dancing poles where girls dance in batches. We went into Tiger Pub which had the best crowd and music in the whole road. We danced to those wonderful hip hop numbers till 4AM.

There is lot more to write about the night life here. But I would not like to reveal the whole fun around Patong. It would be good if somebody experiences this rather and reading about the whole excitement.


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