My train Journey to KL

We planned to go to KL in train. Vidyadhar booked the tickets which costed us around 40SGD. The cost of ticket for sleeping in the upper berth and lower berth were different. We got 3 upper berths and 1 lower berth. I hijacked the lower berth both while going and coming back from KL. We went to Tanjong Pagar in taxi where the Malaysian railway station was located. We were 1 hour early and were feeling very hungry. So we went to the food court in the station and had rotis with kheema. The taste was awesome. In the station there was also a provision to take bath by paying them 2 dollars.

At the Malaysian Immigration

Inside the Train

That was my berth

Arrival Form

Train stopped at the Singapore Immigration

We then went for Malaysian Immigration. I guess this is the only place where we do the visiting country immigration first and then our country immigration. At Tanjong Pagar we finished our Malaysian immigration and boarded the train. The train was good but not excellent. It was just like an AC coach in Indian Railways. We spent some time chit chatting and seeing outside the window. After going for an hour it stopped again for Singapore immigration. After this immigration we were now all set to go on for a non stop journey to Malaysia.

We slept in the given berths. We wanted to take complete rest in the train as we didnt really wanted to waste any time on rest the next day. We planned many activities the next day morning. In the morning around 5 a guy came to check the tickets and the passport. He checked that and left and from then I couldnt sleep. I started looking out of the window. Now I can see the rural area of Malaysia. Those villages and towns were no different to what we have in India. One thing I have observed through out is there was lot of construction activities going on in Malaysia.

KL Sentral

It was morning 8 that we reached the KL Station. It is called as the KL Sentral. It was a new railway station and it was huge and was looking like a airport terminal. We rented a taxi from the station and left for the hotel room. Over all the journey was good. The time taken for journey to KL was more than while return. But the best part was we had full rest in the train while going and coming back so that we could do the activities the next day.


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