KL Tower & Times Square Berjaya

Most of my second day in KL wound up being a tall buildings tour. From Batu Caves we headed over to KL’s forgotten tall building, the Kuala Lumpur Tower well known as KL Tower. Its actually a fifteen minute walk from the Petronas. We saw that there were lot of counter at the KL Tower reception. We found out and took 4 tickets for the KL Tower observatory Floor. Once we reached there we felt it was well worth to go there. Unlike the Petronas Towers sky bridge, the KL Tower offers panoramic views that are from a much higher vantage point.

We took many pics from there and came back to the ground floor. We were feeling hungry and inquired about any restaurant near by. We were surprised to know that there was a revolving restaurant above the observatory floor. We booked 4 seats and again went into the lift line to reach the top floor of KL Tower. When we entered the restaurant we were excited to see our selves in a revolving restaurant at such a height. The view from here was much much better than from the observatory.

We sat down and asked what was in there for the menu. The menu was total continental which also had some rice. We were able to eat well and there were lot of varieties of icecreams too. Meanwhile we took many many pics of the city. We were also able to see the Batu caves from the tower. It was an awesome experience. We spent for about 2 hours in the restaurant. We then headed for the Times Square Berjaya.

Berjaya Times Square KL is a building containing a huge shopping centre and two five star hotels. It has the largest indoor amusement park in Asia. It also has wide range of 900 retail shops, 12 levels of entertainment and shopping, 65 cafes, bistros, restaurants, fast food outlets, 9 screen cineplex and 2 departmental stores all under one roof. Me and Srinivas were excited about the mall as there was a amusement park which had roller coaster in the building itself. We have never experienced a roller coaster ride till date. We went to the 7th floor where the entrance for the amusement park was available. Firstly me and Srini took the tickets to get in while Nagraj and vidya were taking our pics.

We wanted to sit in the first seat of the roller coaster, so we skipped one of the ride which was going on. We did not think about any other ride which was available. We got our turn and we were sitting in the front seat. Finally it started and we were going a bit slowly at first. It went on and on and on and finally picked up the speed. It was a great experience. We were going up and down and side ways and up side down and there were lot of things happening before we could even realise. It was just a 2 minute ride. We had great fun.

We then convinced Nagraj to come into the amusement park while Vidya went out to talk to his son. Nagraj and Srini tried Robo Crash. I just stood outside and took the pics of them. From there we went on for DNA Mixer. This ride was dangerous in a sense. We will be upside down most of the times. The ride was a bit jerky and hence I did not feel good once the ride was complete. I was not in a mood to go for other ride as I was suffering from headache. We further went for the Spinning Orbit ride which only Srini tried. We took many pics and finally came back to the starting point. We then started off for the Petronas Sky Bridge walk which was scheduled for 6.30PM.


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