Gambling at Genting

We never had a plan to go for Genting Highlands. I heard a lot about the place but did not really plan for it in this KL trip. As we were able to cover Petronas, KL Tower, Batu Caves, Times Square Berjaya, China Town and the Night life in just one day, we thought of checking out Genting on the second day. Genting is basically a hill top entertainment weekend getaway for the Malays and there is not much for tourists really.

Genting Highlands Resort

View of the Resort from the Flying Coaster Area

Even though it was in the morning 4 that we came back to hotel we were ready by 9AM to go for Genting. We wore 4 KL Tshirts for the trip which would look alike. We had our breakfast at the lodge before heading down to Genting. We took a taxi to the lower station for the rope car which is located near Gohtong Jaya. I was looking forward for Genting Highlands was just for the ropeway. It is currently the world’s fastest and South East Asia’s longest cable car system.

For safety reasons, it undergoes periodic maintenance checks. And we were the most unlucky people as the maintanence started the day we went there. Hence it was closed. During the maintenance period, they use Awana Skyway, which is a bit less exciting than the Genting Skyway. But after seeing the queue there and the time limit that we had we thought of avoiding it. We took a taxi straigh to the Genting resort.

Flying Coaster

Train Experience to see the whole resort

We reached there and took an entry for the outdoor amusement park. There were three different types of entry tickets. One for the indoor, one for the outdoor and one for both. We were excited about the roller coaster and the flying coaster rides. We took some of these exciting rides and then headed for the casino. This is the first time ever that I was going to a casino. Actually speaking it was first time for all 4 of us on the trip. Even though we lost 100 Ringgits which we thought is the limit for first timers, it was a wonderful experience.

Me at the Casino Entrance

People stay in the Genting resort hotel over night to enjoy all this fun. They have bowling games, Indoor theme park, nice buffet for lunch and dinner and a theater. But of all these I would say Genting has three primary attractions which are Casino (Casino de Genting), Theme Parks (Indoor and Outdoor) and the Rope ways (Genting Skyway and Awana Skyway).

Aquarium inside Casino

Fishes at the outdoor theme park
On way back

Things to be taken care are:

It rains there most of the time – take umbrellas, raincoats etc.
You need not stay overnight – best plan to go early morning and come back to KL in evening
Vegetarians – Do carry something
Ropeway – take a call looking at the weather – do not judge weather in Genting with that of KL


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