Night Life at KL

aIn KL we booked a hotel by name Pondok Lodge through the Hostel World. I have read some reviews and just booked it. When we reached there in the morning at 8AM we saw that the street was empty and deserted. We went out for the full day tour of the city and came back to hotel at 8PM. When we reached there we couldnt recognise the hotel. The road which seemed so calm in the morning was looking wild with music and people all around. Now we understood that we were staying in one of most happening streets in KL.

We got ready and started to check out the night life there. First pub we visited was just below our lodge. The crowd and the music there was awesome. As the place was really small we couldnt really stay there for long time. We went forward asking people about the beach pub. Following the directions we reached the beach pub. There was huge crowd dancing around. There was some live band playing really nice songs from different genres. We further went down and reached Aloha pub. The music here was simply superb and I would say one of the best I have seen till date.

The roads at 2AM in the morning were full with cars, taxis, bikes and people. You would never feel that you are on the road at 2 in the morning. While coming back we also saw that McDonalds and KFC were still open and were serving. But avoided both of them and sat at a local food court road side. The time travelled so fast from 9 to 4 that we did not realise that it was already 4 in the morning by the time we reached back to hotel. Finally I would say After Phuket, Night life at KL rocks.


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