Ganapati Bappa Moriya

Elements of Ganesha

Ganesha Chaturthi aka Vinayak Chaturthi aka Vinayaka Chavithi is on 3rd September, thats tomorrow. When I was in India we used to celebrate with utmost bhakti. This was a special day for us because its my dads birthday also that we celebrate on the same day. Normally this comes in Mid Aug or Mid Sept.

Typical Ganesh Pooja

I just don’t want to write what this festival means or what it is all about. I just want to write some of my observations about this festival. Previously the idols were small and cute. Now a days it has become like a competition and the height of the idol is going on increasing. Even at houses people want a big idol.

These huge idols are made of plaster of paris. The quantity of these chemicals used in these huge idols are also high. This not only pollutes water in rivers, lakes and sea but also makes the horrible situation the next morning.

Small and Cute Idol

Some of my suggestions:
1. Keep the idols small and theme BIG.
2. No chemicals but should be made of mud.
3. Immersion in tanks specially organized for this.


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