My Trip to Melacca

Recently I have been to Melacca. Its a historical place in Malaysia. People come here to explore the place and know the culture of Malaysia. The whole town is preserved to depict the French and the portugese rule on Malaysia. You can see the 200 year old culture there. The buildings are old. The roads are narrow. The people here live almost only on tourism.

Most of the old buildings and churches are restored here. The color combination of the paint for the buildings is so vibrant. The whole town is very colorful. The day when we were there it was so hot that I didnt really enjoy the trip. Though people were excited to go there I was not at all in a mood of enjoyment. I was waiting for the time to run fast and I get into the bus back to Singapore.

We started at 8AM in Singapore and reached Melacca in the afternoon by 12. None of us had any idea on the places to go. So we thought we will just try some travels to actually take care of this. We booked a mini bus and started off for the tour. The AC in the mini bus was also not working. So the overall experience became worse now.

The driver was speaking continuously and took us to some of the heritage places and temples and some honey selling shop. The city was so small that we moved around and almost reached the same spot everytime. We took many a pics of the place and surroundings. The driver also showed us the River Esplanade. We took some pics there. We got on to a ship model which was exhibited there.

Overall this trip was not at all exciting nor was so interesting for me or for Srinivas or for Mahesh. I shall update the pics very soon. If you really want to see and enjoy the trip in Melacca then I would suggest you to go in Winter and take a bike ride along the city. That would actually give a complete idea of what the place is all about.


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