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October 31, 2008

Does India Deserve This ???

A chronology of terror attacks in India :

September 24, 2002: Akshardham attack: The attack on the Akshardham temple claimed 34 lives.

Aug 25, 2003: Gateway of India attack: Two blasts near the Gateway of India claimed 46 lives.

October 29, 2005: Sarojininagar blasts: 61 people were killed in three separate blasts at Sarojini market in New Delhi.

March 7, 2006: Varanasi blasts: 21 persons lost their lives following three blasts

July 11, 2006: Mumbai train blasts: 7 deadly blasts on local trains in which 209 people lost their lives.

September 8, 2006: Malegaon blasts: Two blasts killed 40.

February 19, 2007: Samjhauta Express blasts: 66 persons killed in two blasts on Indo-Pak Samjhauta Express train.

May 18, 2007: Mecca Masjid blasts: 9 persons were killed in a blast at the Mecca Masjid at Hyderabad. 5 persons were killed in police firing which ensued later.

August 25, 2007: Hyderabad twin blasts: 42 persons lost their lives in twin blasts at Lumbini Park and Gokul chaat.

October 11, 2007: Ajmer blasts: Blast at Ajmer dargah kills two

May 13, 2008: Jaipur blasts: Serial blasts at Pink city claims 68 lives.

July 16 2008, Ahmedabad blasts: 57 dead in serial blasts in Ahmedabad.

July 25, 2008: Bangalore blasts: One person dies in Bengaluru serial blasts.

September 13, 2008, New Delhi blasts: Blasts at New Delhi claims 26 lives.

September 27, 2008, Delhi blasts: terror strikes Delhi again in which 3 people were killed.

September 29, 2008, Modasa blast: One killed in blast at Modasa in Gujarat.

September 29, 2008, Malegaon blasts: Five persons killed after bomb placed on a motor bike went off.

October 21, 2008, Imphal blasts: 17 killed in blast near Manipur police commando complex.

October 30, 2008, Assam blasts: Eleven blasts kill over 40 persons in Assam.

Source for this article is here

October 28, 2008


I found this while blog hopping just now. Just to cheer anyone who’s down up. 🙂

For those who don’t know what Singlish is:

Singlish is a creole inter language native to Malaysia and Singapore. It is the first language of many younger uneducated Singaporeans, especially those whose parents do not share a native language or dialect, and is the second language of nearly all the rest of the country’s residents due to the “Speak no dialect” campaign.

Wah! I heard we all now got big big debate.
They said future of proper English is at stake.

All because stupid Singlish spoil the market,
want to change now donno whether too late.

Aiyoh! Ang mo hear us talk like that also want to faint.
Even our our “U” graduates speak like Ah Beng, Ah Seng.

Singlish is like rojak, everything throw inside anyhow mix.
Got Malay, Indian, Chinese and English, can give and take.

When you donno something is under table or chair,
you ask loud loud, “Oi! Under where? Under where?”

When you see somebody behave very bad,
you scold him, “Aiyah! Why you so like that?”

When you warn your kids to be careful all the way,
you tell them, “Careful har, you better don’t play-play!”

This kind of standard how to pass?
Wait, you sure kena last in class.

Other people hear you, say you sound silly.
So like that how to become world-class city?

Basically Singlish got good and got bad.
Aiyah! Everything in life is all like that.

Actually Singlish got one bright side.
I am talking about our national plight.

Other people all say we all got no culture.
All we got is alot of joint business ventures.

So we got no culture to glue us together.
End up we all like a big bunch of feathers.

Wind blow a bit too strong only we fly away.
Everybody all go their own separate ways.

But actually we all got one “culture” in Singlish.
It’s like rice on the table; it is our common dish.

I know this funny “culture” is not the best around
so we must tahan a bit until a better one is found.

I donno whether you agree with me or not?
I just simply sharing my thoughts.

Composed by The Sweet Popcorn, Cornelius
“CORN” Pang on 19th August 1999

October 28, 2008

Weekend at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Its Saturday morning. We woke up early by 8AM and got ready for the day trip to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve (BTNR). It was a fairly sunny morning with occasional light breezes. We reached BTNR by 10.30AM. My first impression of the place was “WOW!”. There was a Visitor Center’s Exhibition Hall, which we skipped. I heard that there are some interesting glass displays of products that could be made of plants found in the reserves and specimens of different types of leaves and flowers. As none of us were interested in these details we straight away took the map of the place and started exploring.

There was a steep road ahead and lot of tall trees right from the entrance. When we saw the map we could see Blue, Yellow, Red an Green lines. Each line has some distance and the longest was around 1.8KM. We were a bit disappointed with such a short distance of trekking. So decided to go through the longest way possible by crossing these lines here and there. The highest point of Singapore is here at BTNR and the height is just a meager 164mts.

At around 11AM we started off the trek through a mud road through tall trees on either side and steps going down. We were a little worried about the rain. The temperature was warm and climate was humid. As soon as we started the walk everybody was sweating because of the humidity. We started on the path- South View Path. The first thing I saw was, of course, lots and lots of trees which looked almost the same to me. I had absolutely no clue to the different species of the trees. All I noticed were that they come in all different heights and colors and thickness.

After a while the air was refreshing and I could feel light breezes every now and then but the sweating did not stop. The feel of the tropical rain forest has been very much provided here. I had the serene feeling and felt at ease away from all the busy world. As we trekked further using the steps that have been carved out for hikers, guys wanted to stop every now and then as they were feeling tired because of the trek. I was feeling at ease because of the 5KM walk that I am doing everyday.

We saw different kinds of trees and the leaves. There were also plants that grew on other trees or structures such as railings and hedges something like creepers. We could also see the leaf litter on the ground near those majestic trees. We could also see some small waterfalls during the trek. Besides observing the trees around us, the ground I could also see that the ground was in different colors. I could see soil dark color and yellow in color which might have its own reasons for that coloring.

We also saw some fallen tree trunks which we thought might have been kept artificially by BTNR to have the look of the forest. We were also hearing the continuous buzz in the back ground which we were not sure whether it was natural or a tape going on. The walk through the forest took around 2 hours in total. There were some tough routes in the reserve which had many steps to climb. As usual we took so many pictures in this trek also.

At last as we came down and had some water and posed for some pics. We took some pics of the monkeys that were around. At around 2.30 we took a taxi back home. The hike certainly reinvigorated me and though the paths are rocky, I found the trip an interesting and enriching experience that I could share with my friends. However, I feel that the trip was too rushed as my friends were very much tired. May be some other time I shall go for a longer route.

October 28, 2008

The weekend update

This was Diwali (long) weekend and we planned many a things during the week. We thought of going to Malaysia. We did a lot of research on going to Kota Kinabalu. But as I did not have my Malaysian visa we finally had to decide something in Singapore. Surya came up with this idea of going for trekking at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve on Saturday, Golf on Sunday and Total rest on Monday. It was a bit different Friday night this time. We did not booze and slept early to keep the energy for the trekking.

Saturday morning we started off by 10 o clock for the trek. The trek was a bit exhausting and we came back home and slept till late evening. Everybody was frustrated with the tiredness during the trek. We cooked Carrot and Beens curry which did not have any special ingredients but was very nice to eat. I slept early at 12.30AM when compared to my regular late night stays.

Sunday morning when we woke up we were still struggling to get out of the couch as everybody was still feeling the pain of the trek. We dropped the plan of going for Golf. We spent the whole day sitting at home. In the evening we went out to Harbor Front to do some shopping and watch Ben Stiller’s Directed and acted Tropic Thunder movie. It was a nice movie. I spoke to Dolly, Chinni and Swetha in conference call and was awake till 4 in the morning.

Monday which was Diwali holiday in Singapore started off by waking up late in the morning (actually because of my late night conference call). In the afternoon we cooked some fried rice and had it for lunch. We decided to go to temple in the evening. Going to temple comes to mind only when there is a festival or special event in life. At 6PM me and Surya got ready in traditional Kurta – Paijama and left for the temple. After the temple we met Rajeev (Surya’s INSEAD friend), Anu (Rajeev’s Wife) and Satish (cousin of Prashanth who is again Surya’s INSEAD friend) and had dinner at Khansama.

Finally we came home and started cursing the next day as we have to go back to work after an eventful weekend.

October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali

October 25, 2008

Weekend Wake Boarding at ECP

The long awaited wake boarding finally fulfilled. The first weekend when I met Surya in Singapore long back in first quarter of the year, we discussed about going for Wake Boarding. we’ve been talking since and trying to plan everything smoothly. But nothing worked out till last weekend. Me, Surya, Nagaraj, Vidyadhar and Srinivas planned for the wake boarding and started off to ECP. On the way we thought it wasn’t that sunny, but by the time we reached ECP the sun was at his best. It has become a hot scorching day by then.

As we went near to the place I was excited to see the people going around the artificially made setup for this. I saw people falling into the water very often. I was just wondering if I could actually make it. But then I decided I had to try wakeboarding when I have got this opportunity. wake boarding is S$42/hr on the weekends. Here it is not the typical wakeboarding that I have seen on television. Here we are not pulled by a boat, instead, a mechanical line pulls us around a small lake. Before we enter the lake we will be trained a little bit. We must navigate through special booeys given to us. We were not told how to navigate while switching the towers.

The first time I made it just one turn and then sank while switching towers, because it momentarily looses tension! Now I understood how we have to navigate while changing the towers. The second time I made a full round but at the end the rope was released by the personnel there as there was someone in the way of the track. The third time I did almost 3/4th turn but tried something different and sank then.

After wakeboarding, we went for a drink and late lunch at around 4PM. We went to Long Beach Restaurant and had some vegetarian, chicken and some sea food. Later we took some pictures at the beach.

October 24, 2008

Token of Gift for Diwali

Today at Credit Suisse we got a pen as a token of Gift for diwali and appreciation for our good work through out this year. This is a multi-utility pen which has a Laser, Torch and the Pen.

October 24, 2008

Long Weekend

Its long weekend for the first time since May. We have so many plans for long weekends. Last time in May I was in India and went for the north trip. This time also I wanted to go somewhere. Surya and me had plans to go to Malaysia. But because of the visa problem that plan was dropped. As my passport is with the Malaysian embassy I cant even go to India or any other country. Finally Surya stepped up and planned for Bukit Gombak trek and some golfing on Sunday. Monday I am thinking of having total rest as I am suffering from lack of sleep for more than 2 weeks now.

Its just an hour that I will be leaving office and my long weekend will start. I am very much looking forward for this as I wanted a break after this hectic month at work. Shall update the weekend details soon.

October 24, 2008

Tea Time Gossip

One of my favorite times in the day at office is the evening tea time at 3PM. This consists of tea, coffee, ice milo, kaya bun etc served at the Pick n Bite stall. Its a great time to get together and gossip about the days events and what had happened in the meetings. We discuss a lot during this span of 30 minutes. Some of them are below:

Office gossip
Current Affairs
International Affairs
Movie gossip
Reviews on cars, bikes and movies
Travel & Living

So I thought from now on I can write something on the everyday gossip that we do during the tea time. Some of them might be stupid but some are really interesting.

October 22, 2008

Changes in life with Marriage News

Below are the observations I have made after the news of my marriage.

  • Increase in work (This is no way related to the news but this was coincidental).
  • Increase in phone bill (This was a known thing).
  • Lack of sleep (I did not see this coming).
  • Wishes from friends (This is obvious).
  • Decrease in number of calls to home (Work and phone calls to friends and girl is giving me less time to call back home).
  • Started walking and dieting (Started feeling conscious and I want to be in a good shape by the time of marriage).