Singapore Grand Prix – Day 2

Last night I was very tired, but still as I was excited about the qualifying session I woke up early. When I woke up my eardrums were still hurting because of the last nights action. As the Day 2 is the F1 qualifying session which was scheduled at 10PM, I thought I shall meanwhile cover the other races and then shall be ready for the qualifying session.

After a quick brunch, I was off to the race tracks again. I saw the races which involved the GTs like Aston Martins and Porsche’s. Today I felt the exhaust notes from these cars were loud, but are a bit easier on my ears. From the walkabout ticket holders I heard that they can hear the sound from 1.5KM away. So, you can imagine what the experience is like hearing a whole group of them, highly modified ones, revving their engines simultaneously just 5m away from me.

Today it was a day of sweltering heat. With in fifteen minutes of reaching the track, I was drenched in my own perspiration. Meanwhile today I also heard the songs at the stage near the pit stop grandstand. By the time I finished taking pics of some of the cars in the practice session, Surya and Nagaraj called me from the Walk About area. I thought I shall survey some areas which I still haven’t seen. So I left the grandstand and went to the walk about with them.

So I have seen the main F1 practice session walking through the walk about area in the huge crowd present there cheering for their heroes. I would say this was definitely a truly international event. In the grandstand and While wandering around, I have noticed fans from Brazil, Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Korea, Japan, China and many many more countries. The most common thing observed for Aussie fans was they all were seemingly drunk.

But the only thing we missed doing the walk about was, I was not really sure who got the pole position. At the same time I was a bit bored today watching the same cars going so fast before you and there is nothing much you can actually capture. Later after coming back home I heard that Felipe Massa from the Ferrari team would be starting on pole the next day, he clocked the best timing of 1m44.801s.

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