Weekend Trip to Sentosa

Weekend started off well on Friday itself with all the friends coming home. We cooked food, had some drinks, saw movies and then slept late at night. Next day morning we had plans to go to Sentosa. At around 10.30 we all woke up and everybody was feeling the hangover and were actually not in a mood to go anywhere. After lot of discussion there were many new plans popping up. After all the negotiations we started off to Sentosa at around 2PM.

We took the MRT from Lake Side and reached Harbour Front. From there we started off to Sentosa. At Sentosa we stepped down the train at Beach station. We were clear of what we were going to do today in Sentosa. From the beach station we walked till Palawan Beach and wanted to spend time there. We bought some beers to start with.

Meanwhile Surya bought a Frisbee to play. Once we saw the Frisbee everybody was in a mood to play. I was having bad headache since morning and hence did not enter the waters. While the guys were playing in the water with the Frisbee I started clicking some pictures. I tried some Black and White pictures also. I was busy taking pictures of the beach people and the folks with me.

After sometime we took the second round of beers and got rejuvenated. The whole weekend was sponsored by me with regards to my match for marriage. It was till 6 that we played and then everybody went to get fresh. Meanwhile I took a small nap to soothe my headache. At around 6.30 we took some snacks and beer and waited till 8 for Ganesh to join us for dinner. We later went to Samundar restaurant to have dinner. We had heavy dinner and started back home at around 9.30 in the night.

Overall the day was really really nice away from all tensions and doing nothing all the day. I was very much relaxed with this short trip to Sentosa. The beach was looking good, the crowd here was good with lot of families with kids were enjoying the serenity of the beach, the food at the Indian restaurant was good and over all of this I was with my friends for the whole day just spending the time in playing around.


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