One Year in CS

It was yesterday that my salary review has been done in Credit Suisse. Thats when I realized that its been a year working here. Last year Oct 21st I started my tenure in Credit Suisse. So what did I achieve all this year? Did I learn something new? Did I earn a great name at office? Did I enjoy working at this place?

Here goes my tenure details. Immediately after joining CS(Credit Suisse), I went back to India within 15 days to attend Dolly’s Marriage and Vijay & Jitna’s marriage. I came back and had no work at office for the next few months. I was just passing time reading and Later in May I again went to India for a North India trip. Thats when I interest in travel has come up.

I started traveling since June. I went to Vietnam Twice (HCMC-1, HCMC-2, Still have to update about the Hanoi & Halong Bay trip), Malaysia Twice (KL-1, KL-2, KL-3, KL-4, KL-5, Genting, Melacca), Thailand once (Phuket-1, Phuket-2, Phuket-3, Phuket-4, Phuket-5), Indonesia once and two surprise visits to India as well. I always had this so called free time here. I downloaded hundreds of movies. Locally I have visited so many places. Made so many new friends. Met old friends who came to Singapore. So my whole year I enjoyed traveling, watching loads and loads of movies, Having fun with friends and going home now and then.

Coming to work, I haven’t learned anything new in Business Objects. I have been working on an old version of it. Recently after upgrading to the latest version I have been feeling good about the work. Its just a month ago that my work has started seriously. Now the things are a bit hectic. I have learned some facts about the queries and all. When I did not have work I always wanted to do my certifications and stuff. But this did not happen.

Other than work and travelling and having fun I have learned some photography on my new camera Sony A350. Now all my trips would be accompanied with my camera. Need to learn lot more tactics and need to expertise in many areas of photography. Hope this new year of mine in CS will bring me some new challenges and some new things to learn and finish off my certifications. May god bless me and All the best to me :-).

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