Weekend Wake Boarding at ECP

The long awaited wake boarding finally fulfilled. The first weekend when I met Surya in Singapore long back in first quarter of the year, we discussed about going for Wake Boarding. we’ve been talking since and trying to plan everything smoothly. But nothing worked out till last weekend. Me, Surya, Nagaraj, Vidyadhar and Srinivas planned for the wake boarding and started off to ECP. On the way we thought it wasn’t that sunny, but by the time we reached ECP the sun was at his best. It has become a hot scorching day by then.

As we went near to the place I was excited to see the people going around the artificially made setup for this. I saw people falling into the water very often. I was just wondering if I could actually make it. But then I decided I had to try wakeboarding when I have got this opportunity. wake boarding is S$42/hr on the weekends. Here it is not the typical wakeboarding that I have seen on television. Here we are not pulled by a boat, instead, a mechanical line pulls us around a small lake. Before we enter the lake we will be trained a little bit. We must navigate through special booeys given to us. We were not told how to navigate while switching the towers.

The first time I made it just one turn and then sank while switching towers, because it momentarily looses tension! Now I understood how we have to navigate while changing the towers. The second time I made a full round but at the end the rope was released by the personnel there as there was someone in the way of the track. The third time I did almost 3/4th turn but tried something different and sank then.

After wakeboarding, we went for a drink and late lunch at around 4PM. We went to Long Beach Restaurant and had some vegetarian, chicken and some sea food. Later we took some pictures at the beach.


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