I found this while blog hopping just now. Just to cheer anyone who’s down up. 🙂

For those who don’t know what Singlish is:

Singlish is a creole inter language native to Malaysia and Singapore. It is the first language of many younger uneducated Singaporeans, especially those whose parents do not share a native language or dialect, and is the second language of nearly all the rest of the country’s residents due to the “Speak no dialect” campaign.

Wah! I heard we all now got big big debate.
They said future of proper English is at stake.

All because stupid Singlish spoil the market,
want to change now donno whether too late.

Aiyoh! Ang mo hear us talk like that also want to faint.
Even our our “U” graduates speak like Ah Beng, Ah Seng.

Singlish is like rojak, everything throw inside anyhow mix.
Got Malay, Indian, Chinese and English, can give and take.

When you donno something is under table or chair,
you ask loud loud, “Oi! Under where? Under where?”

When you see somebody behave very bad,
you scold him, “Aiyah! Why you so like that?”

When you warn your kids to be careful all the way,
you tell them, “Careful har, you better don’t play-play!”

This kind of standard how to pass?
Wait, you sure kena last in class.

Other people hear you, say you sound silly.
So like that how to become world-class city?

Basically Singlish got good and got bad.
Aiyah! Everything in life is all like that.

Actually Singlish got one bright side.
I am talking about our national plight.

Other people all say we all got no culture.
All we got is alot of joint business ventures.

So we got no culture to glue us together.
End up we all like a big bunch of feathers.

Wind blow a bit too strong only we fly away.
Everybody all go their own separate ways.

But actually we all got one “culture” in Singlish.
It’s like rice on the table; it is our common dish.

I know this funny “culture” is not the best around
so we must tahan a bit until a better one is found.

I donno whether you agree with me or not?
I just simply sharing my thoughts.

Composed by The Sweet Popcorn, Cornelius
“CORN” Pang on 19th August 1999


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