Early to rise, early to bed, makes a man healthy but socially dead

I guess this is a very apt statement for anyone who wants to be social. I have personally experienced the effects of this early rise and early bed.

If I start hitting the bed as early as possible, then my night life would go totally into darkness. I will not be able to keep in touch with many of my friends who are in different countries in different timezones. Leave friends apart even to talk to my parents because of the time zone differences I will have to call in some specific timings.

Early rise is something next to impossible for me. Every night I sleep so late that I will have to fight to wake up and drag myself to the office. There are so many plus and minus of every act we do. But this early to rise and early to bed is something which depends on the individual perception.

Health is something which would go bad if you have less sleep. As I am going late to bed and rising late from bed I don’t think my health would be effected by this. Many people do not understand the importance of being social and still advice me to sleep early.


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