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January 14, 2009

31 Days more

From today its only 31 days left for the major event of my life. Yes, thats my marriage. Even Though I am away from home I am regularly asking about the preparations going on at home so that I can feel as if I am part of all the proceedings. The 10 days that I was in Hyderabad, I had helped in the below:

My marriage shopping is done. (Includes some formals and the kurta paijama)
Marriage hall is finalized. (Maha Rana Pratap function hall)
The menu is finalized. (Around 30 items have been selected and Krishna being the cook)
The camera man is finalized. (Satyanarayana has been finalized over Ravi who did a bad job at Raghav’s marriage)

I wish to be part of all the other preparations. Dad has taken care of all many things with out any help from me. So when I go for marriage I am looking forward to take the things from there and help dad to make it a grand event.

I will be leaving for Hyderabad on 6th of Feb, thats one week before my marriage. So very much looking forward to go for the big day. The clock is ticking.

January 13, 2009

A day full of Movies

It was not because of Monday blues that I did not go to office yesterday, but because of the muscle sprain from which I am suffering. I visited doctor and decided to make the most of my resting time by watching the pending movies. I have seen the below movies:
In the Heat of the Night – Excellent
In Bruges – Above Average
Death Race – Above Average
Transporter 1 – Excellent
Transporter 2 – Above Average
Transporter 3 – Average
So now you know what movies to see and what to avoid.

January 13, 2009

Have a Nice Day

It is one such morning when everything seems wrong. It’s not that I haven’t had such a morning before but its just that today I wanted to write it off. I am feeling so restless about so many things that I have to do. There are things that don’t seem correct and I don’t know how to go about them. Hectic work at office, Severe pain due to muscle sprain and there is uncertainty all around. I suddenly don’t know if there is anyone I can talk about this to.

Generally I feel like talking it out with Dolly and Kishore. As Dolly is not doing well and I dont want to make things worse for her.

There is just too much going on in my tiny little head, I guess.

Hopefully you guys are having a great time
Have a nice day.

January 9, 2009

Happy Gymming

After giving all possible excuses like

I Don’t Have The Time
I’ve Tried And Failed In The Past
Not the right time To Get Started
I Just Can’t Get Motivated
I Hate Exercising
I’m Too Tired
I am Having Headache

Finally I took this new year resolution to stay fit and was successful in completing my first week at gym.

January 9, 2009

Satyam Everywhere

I was never a news or current affairs fanatic. But for past 2 days there is news about Satyam everywhere. So I started reading about it and following the news a little bit. I could see the mocking of the company name every where in the news papers and the news channels. I heard the news of the golden peacock award which they got in 2008 has been revoked.

It has been in the news in recent times for all the wrong reasons. The bribery case with World Bank, the attempt to take stake in Maytas and now the financial misreporting. I was personally shocked when I heard the news of the bribery case at such a high level. But the financial misreporting is something beyond anybody wildest imaginations.

In all this news there is one thing that I could not understand. Media has been reporting that Satyam’s Maytas acquisition was a means to move the money to the Raju family. After reading further details, now I am seriously doubting it. I felt that it was a sincere step from Raju to save Satyam. Since Satyam had a huge deficit between reported earnings and the actual earnings, may be he was trying to correct the records with an acquisition.

It would have been something like buying stake in the company and transferring money on the records. This would have filled the gap for the deficit in Satyam’s records. Now the question is how would this step help the Raju family? From the news I see that the Raju family has only a 10% stake in Satyam while they have 100% and 40% stake in the Maytas companies. So I sincerely feel that this step by Raju was a sincere try to correct his mistakes and save Satyam. As I told I am not that news follower and cannot really disagree with the whole media, but then the point here seems to be logical for me.

Now all the focus is on Satyam. But today I have seen one more statement from KPMG saying that it would be very difficult for one person to do such a huge accounting fraud. Hence this statement would raise fingers against Price Waterhouse Coopers as they were the accounting firm for Satyam and it is tough to believe that a scandal of such scale managed to avoid the eyes of the accounting firm. I got this thought after reading about Enron and as Enron collapsed in a somewhat similar situation, Arthur Andersen went down with it.

What ever may happen to Satyam or PWC, I am just hoping some good to happen to all those 53000 employees associated with Satyam.

January 8, 2009

Race Day

It is very late to post this. But as I was a bit busy with many other things, I couldn’t do it. From now on I will try to make sure that I update things as soon as possible.

RACE DAY – 28th September 2008

Yes! Today is race day !

It was hot, stuffy, humid. The roads were dusty and there were people everywhere. And there was a strong buzz of excitement in the air. I

was not really excited today as I have seen it for past 2 days and did not find it much different. In fact I asked my friend Mahesh to go ahead for the race day. But back of mind I had that thought of not to miss this unique opportunity of being part of history.

I arrived at the circuit just before 5 pm to join in the festivities. The cars today are so much more powerful and the sports more glamorous. I was alone there and have seen all the seats getting filled up much before the start of the race. This was not the case in the last two days. All the spectators were actually getting ready with the cameras to get every moment of the race and the food to survive for the next 2 hours. There were giant projector TVs through out the circuit and most of them were watching the proceedings of the race in it.

At around 6 all the cars came out and the drivers were getting ready for the race. I was lucky to see all the cars getting ready right on the track with the crew out there. Many VIPs got a chance to actually take some pictures with all the drivers. Common people like me were excited to see our heroes directly from far distance.

At 7 PM, just after the national anthem, the crowd cheered as they saw the cars racing off from the starting grid. I along with other spectators jumped in joy when Felipe Massa raced past first. The atmosphere was sensational !!! It was hard to follow the race as the cars speed past us in an instant and the roar of the engines drowned out the available “live” commentary coming from the big screens. But still when ever cars came round the corner and left the other corner everybody stood up and saw the cars racing past, and other time we were

just watching the race in the Gaint screen.

After about 15 laps, Nelson Piquet in the Renault crashed. The next and the most embarrassing moment for Ferrari would be todays disastrous error in the pit lane. As a result of this error on the pit lane Felipe Massa lost ground. The Brazilian was pitting on lap 15 and drove off with the fuel hose still attached to his car, leaving one of the pit crew sprawling to the ground and subsequently stretchered off in a neck brace. All the Ferrari fans including me felt very bad with this incident.

It was a miserable night for his team mate too. Kimi Raikkonen rammed his car into the barriers with just four laps to go, ending his race. Over all it was a very bad day for Ferrari. Towards the end of the race, the drivers were under a lot of pressure to end the race quickly as there is a cut off timing of two hours. The race must be completed by 10 pm, by hook or by crook.

Finally Fernando Alonso, who started in grid position 15 did an amazing turn around by winning the race with a mere 2.95 seconds over Nico
Rosberg who seemed to win the race at one point. Prime minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong presented the trophy to the worthy winner.

Well done, Alonso !

January 7, 2009

Bad start to the New Year

We all boast of being in corporate world and read news channels and sites all day sitting at office. But do we really know what exactly is happening in the office of the chairman of a company. Even we invest in stocks just by friends word or some agency word and we doesn’t really know whats happening in the company. Even the employees in the company would not know the exact situation of the company until the day it suddenly states of bankruptcy.

I am writing this post as today I have got two shocking news. One the suicide of Adolf Merckle and other Ramlinga Raju resignation with the confession letter to SEBI.

I have many friends in Satyam, none of them knew that this was going to happen. Leave the employees even the board members and the investors did not have a clue about this fraud. If this is the case then what would be situation of a small employee and a small investor of the company who simply believe in a company by reading their values written in the sites and shown in the news headlines and channels. Now I pity all those thousands of investors and thousands of Satyam employees who would be going through a trauma thinking about their future with Satyam. Does this make any sense that because of a mistake of one person so many thousands have to suffer?

Coming to suicide of Adolf Merckle, he holds the major part of Heidelberg Cement which is the worlds number 2 cement company. My friend Surya has recently joined in that company as a Associate to CEO. He was clueless about the Merckle Volkswagen investment until his CEO has told him very recently. None of the company heads knew that this situation would come for Merckle. Though I do not have much idea on this company and industry, I thought I would mention about this company because my friend may lose his job when the management change hands.

Hope these things would come to light early and people would not face any problems because of a mistake done by one single person.

January 6, 2009

Priceless !!!

Ticket to India – $1000

Loss of Pay for Leave – $650

Gifts – $350

Expression on Doll’s face when I went for her marriage – priceless.
(Just now recollected the expression and thought I shall post it)

On a related note: (Read in someother Blog)
There are some things man was never meant to know; for everything else there is google.

January 6, 2009

Happy New Year to Me !!!

Oh, and to you too 😛