Bad start to the New Year

We all boast of being in corporate world and read news channels and sites all day sitting at office. But do we really know what exactly is happening in the office of the chairman of a company. Even we invest in stocks just by friends word or some agency word and we doesn’t really know whats happening in the company. Even the employees in the company would not know the exact situation of the company until the day it suddenly states of bankruptcy.

I am writing this post as today I have got two shocking news. One the suicide of Adolf Merckle and other Ramlinga Raju resignation with the confession letter to SEBI.

I have many friends in Satyam, none of them knew that this was going to happen. Leave the employees even the board members and the investors did not have a clue about this fraud. If this is the case then what would be situation of a small employee and a small investor of the company who simply believe in a company by reading their values written in the sites and shown in the news headlines and channels. Now I pity all those thousands of investors and thousands of Satyam employees who would be going through a trauma thinking about their future with Satyam. Does this make any sense that because of a mistake of one person so many thousands have to suffer?

Coming to suicide of Adolf Merckle, he holds the major part of Heidelberg Cement which is the worlds number 2 cement company. My friend Surya has recently joined in that company as a Associate to CEO. He was clueless about the Merckle Volkswagen investment until his CEO has told him very recently. None of the company heads knew that this situation would come for Merckle. Though I do not have much idea on this company and industry, I thought I would mention about this company because my friend may lose his job when the management change hands.

Hope these things would come to light early and people would not face any problems because of a mistake done by one single person.


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