31 Days more

From today its only 31 days left for the major event of my life. Yes, thats my marriage. Even Though I am away from home I am regularly asking about the preparations going on at home so that I can feel as if I am part of all the proceedings. The 10 days that I was in Hyderabad, I had helped in the below:

My marriage shopping is done. (Includes some formals and the kurta paijama)
Marriage hall is finalized. (Maha Rana Pratap function hall)
The menu is finalized. (Around 30 items have been selected and Krishna being the cook)
The camera man is finalized. (Satyanarayana has been finalized over Ravi who did a bad job at Raghav’s marriage)

I wish to be part of all the other preparations. Dad has taken care of all many things with out any help from me. So when I go for marriage I am looking forward to take the things from there and help dad to make it a grand event.

I will be leaving for Hyderabad on 6th of Feb, thats one week before my marriage. So very much looking forward to go for the big day. The clock is ticking.


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