Camping at ECP

It was a sudden plan to go for camping at ECP. Me and Surya decided on that and finally let everybody know about the program. I, Surya, Nagraj, Srinivas, Mahesh, Santosh and Mandeep were the team for the Dusk to Dawn outing. Hemanth was supposed to join us, but as he was suffering from fever, he couldn’t make it. On Friday night I, Surya & Nagraj bought all the necessary items for the camping.

We bought
6 people tent.
2 sleeping bags
1 mat
2 barbecue ready made pits
1 vodka bottle
and the necessary items for the barbecue.

Basically we were a bunch of boys who got tired of the work life and needed a much necessary break and hence organized this camping. Even though we called it my bachelor’s party, it was just to get away from stress.

Saturday morning we prepared the necessary items for the night out. By 6.10 on the Saturday evening we reached ECP in order to get a place for our tent. When we reached there we already saw many tents that were already in place. We finally got a nice place to place our tent. The tents around us had many Malay, Chinese and Indian people. We placed the tent and then went to 7-11 to get some beer and soft drinks. After that went to rent skates and bicycle. It was $14 for 2 skates and the same amount for 2 bicycles. I & Surya did skating while Nagraj and Srini did the cycling.

We enjoyed having beer, vodka and juices along with chips while skating and cycling. We sat and just chit chatted till 8 and then decided to start off with the barbecue. When we tried lighting up the ready made barbeque pits we brought, they gave us lot of trouble. We also tried pouring some vodka on to it and lite it up. But result was the same. I & Surya went to 7-11 to get some accelerate to lite it up. Finally we bought fire starter for liting it up. After a 30 minute fight we finally were able to start our cooking.

Its then the whole fun started. We enjoyed our food a lot. We had chicken, veg patties, burgers, corn and chips along with beer, vodka, sprite and water. After 1 hour of eating session we started playing cards. By the time it was 12, one after the other slept and finally I, Surya & Mandeep were left. We then decided to take a walk in that beautiful night along the beach. It was a starry night and the breezy environment made the night much better. I & Mandeep sat down on the platform made along the beach and watched those waves coming and hitting the edge of the platform. The sound of those waves was very nice to hear.

After some time I, Surya & Mandeep went to McDonalds and had a coffee, corn and coke. Mean while Nagraj woke up and we decided to start off home at around 4.30 so that we can have some proper sleep at home. We woke Srini, Mahesh and Santosh and came back home by 5 in the morning.


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