Warren Buffet’s advice for 2009

Warren Buffett, a billionaire investor says the US economy has “fallen off a cliff” and warns that inflation may accompany a rebound. Referring the economic environment as an “economic Pearl Harbour”, he said an hour ago precisely that the economy “can’t turn around on a dime” and that this could lead to higher inflation. Yeah Right, now thats news to all of us!! anyways benevolent Mr.Buffet administered some of his secret mantras to a peaceful monetary existance. While the rules etched out are open and shut, adhere to atleast one of them and lives can get better. I liked this column and assumed this would be good piece to share.

Well, whom am I?? Why am I here???
I am Ramya- one of the babs beloved, always had a craving to pen down..had an eye on bloggin but lotta reservations held me back. Mr.Cool co-authored me offering his pages to start with and encouraged me thus to write anything on everything and let go off all the apprehensions bout writing. My first time writing, apart from essays in school, toefl, gre..so bear with my fallacies and kindly disregard if you are boreddd.


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