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April 30, 2009

BRB – Be Right Back

Brb is what we use in our chat to say that we will be right back in few minutes. Similarly I will also be right back for blogging in 4 days as I am heading to Kota Kinabalu tonight. Wish me good luck as I am going to climb south east asia’s biggest mountain 🙂

April 30, 2009

Mount Kinabalu Trek Preparation

I have been doing hiking many a times since childhood. This all started off with Lateef Saab and Kaapral hill in Nalgonda. During Engineering days we went for Lohaghad and Matheran hill hiking. I have also been to Kedarnath which I would call it as a trek as it was challenging. Finally I am going for a proper trek to Mount Kinabalu. We have been planning it since the start of this year. Because of my marriage we have postponed the whole trip to May. Today is the day when we fly to Kota Kinabalu from Singapore. I, Nagaraj, Surya, Mahesh and Santosh are in the group.

The whole bookings have been done by Santosh. We have booked tiger airways to Kota Kinabalu, booked a lodge in Laban Rata, booked hostel in Kota Kinabalu and also booked for the Scuba Dive. The whole idea behind this trip was given by Surya. We also tried ordering some customized T-Shirts. But as we cannot get just 5 different shirts we did it on our own. Below are the pictures we printed on our t-shirts.

Thats for me – Lazy Crazy 🙂

This pic is for Mahesh and the caption is “Stay Fit – Ramababu”
This pic is for Surya and the caption is “Psycho – Suri”

This pic is for Nagaraj and the caption is “Rasik – Builder”
This pic is for Santosh and the caption is “Citi Sucks – Banker”

The check list was prepared by Mahesh and its as below:
– Trekking Shoes
– Extra pair of socks
– Full pants
– Full sleeve shirts
– Sweater
– Raincoats
– Plastic Covers
– Tissues
– Extra batteries
– Digital Camera and Video Camera
– Lip Guard
– Head Lamp or torch
– Towels

Hope we will have a great trip and I shall soon share the pics once I am back from the trip.

April 29, 2009

Gone are those days

Gone are the days when we used to talk for hours with our friends.
Now we don’t have time to say a HI.

Gone are the days when we played games on the road.
Now we code on the road with laptop.

Gone are the days when we stood to watch birds.
Now we see and hear them in mpeg files.
Gone are the days when we saw stars shining at night.
Now we see stars when our code doesn’t work.
Gone are the days when we sat to chat with friends on grounds.
Now we chat in chat rooms …
Gone are the days where we studied just to pass.
Now we study to save our job
Gone are the days where we had no money in our pockets and fun filled on our hearts
Now we have the atm as well as credit card but with an empty heart

Gone are the days where we shouted on the road.
Now we dont shout even at home

Gone are the days where we got lectures from all.
Now we give lectures to all … like the one I’m doing now … 🙂
April 29, 2009

First Day at M.G.I.T

This was a mail which I mailed my college group some where in 2004, one year after my college. While checking my previous mail I came across this mail and wanted to have this in my blog.

This is how it goes:

Hey All

I just wanted to share my first day experience in the college. You people may think that why this fellow is mailing this at this time. This is just to make the group active and I want all of them to mail their first day experience in the college. If some of the people don’t like this please excuse me, I just wanted a topic so that again there will be some flood in the mails this month also.

Coming to the topic. I got 6044 rank as u people know. My counseling was on 7th of August 1999. First day in the college was on 20th December 1999. Then started the life in MGIT. I have always enjoyed each and every moment in the college with all u people and also I thank each and everyone who have been supportive to me all the 4 years.

First guy whom I met before joining the college was Muralidhar( Apna Computer Expert and Fav Moderator). I went to his place on 20th Dec and met him and had a small chat. That day I came to college alone where as many of them came to college with their parents. I came in CBIT Tarnaka bus which was a hell. From then I never came in CBIT Tarnaka bus. But first day journey was very boring and long. I couldn’t understand anything as the journey took 1 and half hour.

I landed in CBIT and then one of the CBIT senior showed the way to MGIT. I saw Sharon going to MGIT from CBIT. I prayed to god and said that this girl should be from 1st year. I followed Sharon. She went into the orientation hall. I could call the new faces very enthusiastic and very eager. I remember only the faces of Sharon Manjusha Cheeku Gottam anteh. That day was real boring and it was one of the boring days in the college. I was a bit excited about joining Engineering and also a bit scared of how I could cope with so many Intellects (Mechatronites).

The second day I came at 8:45AM to the college. There was not even a single student in the college. I was a bit scared and confused where to go. Then I saw a student coming towards me who was already there in the college. I was a bit scared as I thought he was a senior. He came and asked me “First Year?” I said “Yes”. To my wonder even he said “I am also from first year.” He came to college at 8:30 AM.”He introduced himself as Tummuluri Suryanarayana from Bhimavaram”( as u people know he is the topper of the class). Then I met Bhanu from IT (well known as DJ NASH). He was also from Andhra so vadu veedu vesukunnaru full chat. Then came the rest. That day it was nice to see all the people meeting each other. That day I met Murali, Chotu also.

I saw there were three people sitting in the first bench. They introduced themselves to the class saying their ranks and they were the best 3 ranks in the class. I thought I have to make friendship with these guys at any cost as they are very intelligent and talented. These 3 guys are Ajay, Srinivas and Balu.

This is what I remember of my first day. I came home and told this whole sodi to my parents and cousins. OK guys I am finishing the mail here. I hope at least some of them liked this idea of sharing the first day experience and hope people will respond to this mail and share their experiences. Please take some time from your busy schedule and share your ideas.

Take care
All the best
Sudheendra Reddy Palwai(Sudha Alias Babbu)

Its always nice to read older mails and remember past events.

April 29, 2009

Beautiful Surprise

I always wanted to go to a beautiful location for my honeymoon like Mauritius, Seychelles or Maldives. I was not aware of other beautiful locations like Langkawi, Bali and Phuket until I came to Singapore. In October-08 once my marriage was fixed, I started thinking as where I can go for my honeymoon. First place that came to my mind was Mauritius.

Before I book some place, I wanted to know the interest of my wife for honeymoon trip. She wanted a dream location where the house would in the middle of the sea, beach to be very accessible, raining when we are in the beach, good view of sunrise and sunset, waterfalls and some of which I don’t remember now. After searching for all the resorts I could only see one place made especially for my honeymoon. Thats the Berjaya Resort in Langkawi.

Once I decided to go to Langkawi, I immediately booked the Flight and Hotel bookings in the first week of November for the month of April. I wanted to give a surprise to my wife and hence did not reveal about any of these plans to her. After more than a month after marriage Swetha came to Singapore on April 2nd. She had no idea as where we were planning to go.

On April 9th I took her to Changi airport and boarded the KL flight and she was convinced that we are going to stay in KL for 4 days and come back. I am sure she was disappointed to have a honeymoon planned in a concrete jungle like KL. Once we landed in KL, I made her literally run to catch a connecting flight to Langkawi. She had no clue about this place and she was thinking that it would be yet another city. Just before the flight was about to land in Langkawi she was excited to see all the water and islands around the airport. Then she realized and felt happy that she was going to stay on an island.

We booked a taxi and went to Berjaya Resort. We sat in the lobby and waited for the receptionist to make the arrangements. Once she was done she came to us and told us that she was giving the best room in the resort. Even this statement was a bit vague for Swetha but still she was anxious to see the room.

Once we reached the room she was totally jumping with joy as she could see everything she asked for on a fun phone conversation. We stayed on a premiere chalet on water which was totally private and into the sea. We were able to see a beautiful sunrise, but were a bit disappointed as we couldn’t see the sunset which would be behind the hill on which the resort was constructed. There was enough rain when we were at the beach and enjoyed the water sports. We also went to water fall near by our resort and had a great time there too.

So over all I would say that I have given a beautiful surprise to my wife and which we both would cherish for rest of our lives.

April 17, 2009

Memorable Days

After 2 weeks of being away from blogging, today I thought I shall announce my come back :-). I had the most memorable days of my life with my wife. I have been away from phone, chatting, blogging, orkutting, friends, parties etc. I wish I could have been away from work too.

We went around in Singapore and also visited Langkawi. My honeymoon trip to Langkawi has been awesome and we had a grrreattt time. Everything went as planned.

I have done scuba diving for the first time and that was a great experience. The cable car ride in Langkawi was great. Havent really seen any movies these days.

Thats the latest update from my side. So guys whats going on at your ends?

April 8, 2009

Is this the worst job in the world?

The next time you are tempted to complain about your job, spare a thought for this guy.


April 7, 2009

Rupee Symbol

The Government of India has invited the public to suggest a symbol for the Rupee. Just as the Dollar is universally denoted by $’ the government thinks the Rupee should also have its own unique symbol that captures a sense of India’s history and culture. Listed below are 19 suggestions from ET’s team of designers in the mentioned link. Please vote for the one you find best. ET will present all these symbols ‘ along with the ET viewers’ preference’ to the Ministry of Finance .


I personally din’t like any of those, so I did something of my own..pretty simple and usable.I feel A Rupee need not necessarily start with letter R. The symbol I designed, is I as in INDIA and couple of horizontal lines which is easy to comprehend by most people as currency notation..coz dollar, euro, pound do have these lines in either horizontal or vertical fashion in those respective symbols. So keeping that tradition of major currencies of world and yet having an I which means India and also which is simple and easy to write after numerical figures made sense to me.

The above symbol is the one I personally designed and liked. I just hope it doesn’t match with any existing symbols in the world.


– R

P.S: People reading this blog out there care to let me know if you have already seen this symbol anywhere else so that I can scrap it to start thinking bout something else.

April 1, 2009

Away from Blogging

Its been a while that I actually visited my blog. Have been very busy these days. At office the amount of work that I am doing, has started increasing day by day. My health has been an issue for more than a week now. I was also busy planning for our (I & Swetha) trip to Singapore and Malaysia. Tomorrow Swetha will be here and I will be away from blogging and other online activities till 15th of April. Till then everybody take care and have fun.