Mount Kinabalu Trek Preparation

I have been doing hiking many a times since childhood. This all started off with Lateef Saab and Kaapral hill in Nalgonda. During Engineering days we went for Lohaghad and Matheran hill hiking. I have also been to Kedarnath which I would call it as a trek as it was challenging. Finally I am going for a proper trek to Mount Kinabalu. We have been planning it since the start of this year. Because of my marriage we have postponed the whole trip to May. Today is the day when we fly to Kota Kinabalu from Singapore. I, Nagaraj, Surya, Mahesh and Santosh are in the group.

The whole bookings have been done by Santosh. We have booked tiger airways to Kota Kinabalu, booked a lodge in Laban Rata, booked hostel in Kota Kinabalu and also booked for the Scuba Dive. The whole idea behind this trip was given by Surya. We also tried ordering some customized T-Shirts. But as we cannot get just 5 different shirts we did it on our own. Below are the pictures we printed on our t-shirts.

Thats for me – Lazy Crazy 🙂

This pic is for Mahesh and the caption is “Stay Fit – Ramababu”
This pic is for Surya and the caption is “Psycho – Suri”

This pic is for Nagaraj and the caption is “Rasik – Builder”
This pic is for Santosh and the caption is “Citi Sucks – Banker”

The check list was prepared by Mahesh and its as below:
– Trekking Shoes
– Extra pair of socks
– Full pants
– Full sleeve shirts
– Sweater
– Raincoats
– Plastic Covers
– Tissues
– Extra batteries
– Digital Camera and Video Camera
– Lip Guard
– Head Lamp or torch
– Towels

Hope we will have a great trip and I shall soon share the pics once I am back from the trip.


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