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May 31, 2009

Surya’s Happy Birth Day

I am just back from the party which Surya gave on occasion of his 27th birthday. Actually his birthday is June 1st, but then as it is a working day we roomies planned to have the fun today. We had a great time at the Indo Chine Lounge at Wisma Aitra at Orchard Road. Place was very good and happening. There was a live band playing for more than 2 hours when we were there. The singers were awesome and were funny. They also encouraged the people in the lounge to come and sing.

We had 8 or 9 rounds of drink each and were still wanting more. As it was about to hit the midnight we wanted to rush home for the cake cutting. We had a burger at McDonalds and took a taxi back home. At 12 Surya did the proceedings of cutting the cake and I took the honour of giving the birthday bumps 🙂

Birtday Cake

Thats Surya talking to his Bro while cutting the cake

Thats the gang

Overall it was fun filled evening and looking forward for June 29th which is Srinivas’s birthday.

May 30, 2009


I just realized that I have completed 150 posts on my personal blog. In my view this is a great achievement on my part as I have not lost the momentum and have made a point to write some or other crap in this place. I have already missed congratulating my self for 1 year of my blog, so I thought I will congratulate my self with this post for both completion of the year and 150 posts 🙂

May 30, 2009

Birthdays of the week

Surya – 1st June (My Engg Classmate)
Manasa – 1st June (My Cousin)
Balaji – 3rd June (My Friend’s Cousin)
Jemima – 3rd June (My GTL Colleague)
Rajesh – 3rd June (My Engg Classmate)
Ravindra – 4th June (My CA Colleague)
Rohit – 6th June (My CA Colleague)

Many many happy returns of the day guys.

May 28, 2009

My view on "Life after marriage"

Hmmm this is a common discussion which comes between friends when somebody is recently married. There is a saying in hindi “shaddi ka laddu khaye tho pachthavoge, na khaye tho bhi pachthavoge”. In recent times I have been pestered with this question lot of times by many of my friends.

Before getting married any couple would think a lot about their partners and how they would spend the rest of the life. Everybody would think that they would not repeat the mistakes other couples are doing. They would have already seen so many couples including their own parents. Both the partners would write a huge list of do and don’ts and would think of sticking to it for rest of their lives. But do they really stick to it?

In my view after marriage many couples unknowingly will definitely repeat the same mistakes that are there in the list prepared by them. Its been ages that people have been trying hard to describe the life after marriage and each has their own perspective and there is no general way of describing it.

Popular picture we see for life after marriage

In order to avoid such mistakes or fights or issues between the couples they should be mature enough to understand their roles and responsibilities before getting married. Also they should be in a position to appreciate the likes and dislikes of each other. On a lighter note I hope there was a certification exam which a person should pass to understand if he or she is ready to get married.

Our parents are always there to guide us and make us understand the responsibility of marriage and what marriage is all about. Both the wife and husband should understand their responsibilities as a spouse and soul mate before the marriage and get prepared for it and live to the commitments and then begin new life. Otherwise life is more like a burden with petty issues and fights and finger pointing at each other.

Finally I would stop this post with this quote which I have read some where. “The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.”

May 28, 2009

Does being apart make heart grow fonder?

This post is actually in view of partners who recently got married, young and ambitious but both are miles apart. So does this physical and emotional separation signals a problem marriage? Right now I have many of my friends and cousins who are doing jobs being at different locations. Why friends and cousins, I am myself a victim of this.

In my view this could be a tough situation to handle and it would be one of the top ranked in stress factors for marriage. But still in this competitive world many couples have to endure and embrace separation positively before they can somehow set up home together. This is just not only in IT that I have seen but also in government jobs where husband and wife work in different departments and get different postings. Everybody in this situation struggle to move authorities for a common posting, which even Swetha is doing. We have been seeing that the phenomenon of the absent spouse does affect many marriages. It could be an IT job or a Govt job or a Merchant Navy or Military, everywhere we see people encountering this situation.

I am married and I had to leave my wife on the 7th day after marriage. The rituals were on until the last minute and we hardly had the time to meet up. In fact we could not enjoy our engagement together as I was in Singapore during that time. Ever since our marriage got settled for 4 months we directly met during the week of the marriage and then it was 7 days of togetherness. During this time also we were surrounded by people most of the times. There was no honeymoon nor did we go anywhere to spend sometime. I am sure Swetha would have some questions in her mind like – was there a true celebration within me? was I really happy to be married to my dream man at that point of time?

Though it was a matter of just two months when Swetha visited Singapore for 15 days, I found it so difficult. Now again its been 2 more months that we are separated. After you have lived together, any absence is really hard to bear. I can say that it would be more difficult for the girl than the boy. Spouse’s absence after marriage is different from being far from her before marriage. While love letters and phone calls can console you and keep you going when you are engaged, you really miss the person you are married to much more deeply. I felt that happening with Swetha more than me.

As Swetha is still staying with my parents I don’t think the I will ever come across the following situation. A physical absence would also affect while taking the responsibility and commitment which is the next stage for marriage. Let it be paying the bills to grooming the children. It is hard for any couple to plan and conceive a child if they are meeting only once in a few months. I don’t think anybody would plan for a child when wife is alone and leave the whole difficulty of pregnancy and parenting all by herself. If husband is absent for long periods then wife becomes so self-sufficient and independent that she will be having problems re-adjusting to the husband as the ‘head of the house’ and do the things in his way. At the same time the boy who has been planning many things for the family would definitely want the things to go according to him.

Finally I would say that it is true that absence can make the heart grow fonder. Once we miss the person we love
we miss the presence which makes lot of difference
know about the relation’s endearing qualities
remember all the things said and did together
All these things are bound to have an impact on us. This would make us think of our partner and we start appreciating each other for all those missed moments.
But at the same time absence can also weaken the bonds of marriage or relationship, by the challenges it throws in our paths. Much maturity and a genuine love and commitment towards our partners is needed to face such challenges.

May 25, 2009

Mt. Kinabalu Trek Travelogue

Well its been quite a while that I am back at work and has been busy these days with loads of work and hence couldn’t do this earlier. The experience I had in KK I am still on a high. It was an unforgettable experience. As I have already given the details about my drive experience and the preparations for the trip, I shall directly go to my trek in this post.

Arrived Mesilau at around 8.50AM and then I started the trek. The guide for the climb was 40 year old man by name Dalios, a very friendly guy and could speak a little English. He was an informative guy and have already reached the summit more than 800 times. Yes you have seen it right, more than 800 times. We asked him as how much time it would take for us to reach Laban Rata. He said we can reach by 4PM if we are fast enough. Our group as everybody were youngsters we thought we may reach by that time or earlier. Dalios said that the slowest person would dictate the pace. He also said that he would remain with this group until we come back to head quarters.

The trail was just a single path all the way till the top with all the sign boards hear and there with no hope of getting lost. As we started off, I forged ahead at my own pace ahead of all my friends. Once we reached the 500m mark in just 20 minutes we were all delighted and took some pictures with the sign board. From here on for every 500 mts we could see the change in the expressions on the faces of the group.

Just before we reached 1KM mark we came across a very beautiful scenic place where we could see the donkeys ears peak through the clouds far away. We all thought it would be the KK summit and were afraid to see it so far and asked Dalios if that was the summit. To our surprise he said we cannot see the summit from there and its far away from there. Now we knew what was in store for the rest of the day for us. Hence from there on deliberately we were all holding back and taking it easy one step at a time and not getting tired by doing some heroics. At about 1KM Nagaraj and Mahesh gave their bags to Dalios to carry as they were not able to do it by carrying the bag. I took some luggage from Santosh to make it lighter for him.

The stretch from 3KM mark to 3.5KM mark was the toughest in the whole trail till Laban Rata. Everybody was so tired that we took more than 10 minutes break at this point of time. Similarly at every 500 mts from here we started taking small breaks. The whole trail was not just climbing a single mountain, but it was climbing up a mountain twice and descending down twice and the climb the third one. Hence because of this we were exhausted a lot through the journey.

We had about 4 km left to cover and we reached Layang Layang which was the intersection point for the Timpohan and Mesilau trails. From here on we all were feeling the effects of the altitude slightly and this was slowing up in my group. From here on it was like resting around every 100 metres or so. All the way I took charge and tried motivating the group to move faster and take less breaks. 2KM was left and I could push everybody till then and from here on Mahesh slowed down and was stopping for every 50 steps he was taking. I asked other to go ahead and tried motivating Mahesh all the way up to Laban Rata. The path was treacherous in some places so we had to be very careful with our footing.

During our way up we heard somebody running down. When looked up we were shocked to see one of the guys from the Park running down the mountain. Now you might think anybody can do it, but then this guy was carrying an empty gas cylinder strapped to his back. We just couldn’t believe our eyes. Here are struggling every 50 metres with a small back pack and there was a guy with a gas cylinder on his back and running full tilt down the same track. I tried showing those guys and some fit old people climbing with ease to Mahesh and tried motivating him. But it was of no use as Mahesh took his own sweet time to go up to Laban Rata. We reached Laban Rata at around 18.30 hrs, the rest of my group arrived at 18.15 hrs.

Mahesh was literally shivering because of the temperature on top and also because of the cold breeze. We took a wise decision to take extra jackets and hence rented 5 jackets. We had our dinner there. Nobody was in a mood to actually eat anything but then we need something to start oru early morning trek that night. Dalios to came to us and asked if we are going to come for the supper at 2AM. I and Surya were the fit guys then and hence we volunteered to come down again from the lodge which was 200 mts ahead from this place and get the food.

We tried for a warm room at the reception for Mahesh as he was not at all in a position to again come into the cold night. As there were no rooms available we had to move on and reach the lodge 200mts away. We were not sure how the rooms were. We just knew that they are not warm rooms and were scared of the temperature there. We reached the lodge and saw that it was just a small room with 4 bunker beds. We 5 people adjusted in that 4 bunker room itself. We slept after having pain relief tablets, headache tablets and some pain relief cream and spray.

Alarm woke me at around 01.15 hrs from a very deep sleep. If it was any normal day then I would have definitely turned the alarm off and went back to sleep. I bet quite a few people did just that. But I was determined and had got this far and in another 3 hours or so I would be at Low’s Peak. So I forced myself out of bed and woke up Surya and we both left for getting supper for other 3. We went down had some hot coffee before and after our supper which included bread and egg. We packed the same for Nagaraj, Mahesh and Santosh. We went back to room and woke them up to have their supper. There was a stage when Santosh said he will not be able to make it and he would sleep there. But we all motivated him and finally made them get ready and started off at around 2.30AM.

Everybody virtually started the climb together in the pitch darkness. It was a wonderful sight to see all the torches and head torches ahead and behind us snaking their way up the mountain. From here on I have seen something common with all the groups going up. Everybody have started off slow and were going very slowly with very less stops. Our group were able to make it to the first stop at a single stretch which was 500mts away. At this point we stopped and saw everybody climbing the rock marked out by a rope. I was excited to see that as we have to do some rope rappelling all the way for more than 1KM. We started off and as Surya, Santosh and Nagaraj climbed, Mahesh got a little scared and did not want to climb up catching that rope. I had to shout at him a lot and convince him. He then started off after me keeping a hand behind him all the way just to make sure that I am with him.

We climbed for certain distance and reached the check point where we were asked to show our registration card and the number. The guy sitting there noted and asked us to show once we descend down. All this morning trek I was feeling very energetic and did not got any issues with the altitude. Nagaraj was literally down with headache because of the altitude change. I had to take charge and had to literally push him along the way for some distance. Just after I was able to see the summit, my back started aching and I was hardly able to walk up.

As it started to get lighter as day broke I was beginning to see the mountain and surrounding areas in all their magnificent glory. On arriving at the edge of Lows Peak there was many people at the summit. I waited until Nagraj and Santosh also reached that point. Then we took some pics with the beautiful sunrise behind the mountains. From there it was around 200mts to reach the summit. This was yet another tough trail in the whole journey. Mahesh, Nagaraj and Santosh did not dare to come up while me and Surya wanted to reach the summit and hence started going up. We reached at the top and took some pics and video at the top.

Then it was the long decent back down to Laban Rata. Coming down in the daylight gave us a view of what we had climbed in the dark. It was quite scary. At this point Mahesh was yet again tired and Nagaraj was suffering from severe headache and I was suffering from severe back pain, we were slow in coming down the trek. On the way down we decided to take a short nap of 15 minutes and then leave for the descend. We reached the room and slept for a 20 minutes and then started off with all the luggage and checked out of the rooms.

We took some breakfast and also took some pics with the surroundings. As there was water available at all the rest houses we just took 2 small bottles along with us. Yet again I had to carry the heaviest bag after Dalios as he was carrying Nagaraj and Mahesh’s bag.

On the way down we saw something different to what we saw during the ascend. We saw all the people on their way up and we offered some encouragement. There were questions being asked and answered. The only way I have been motivating people was by telling them just 30 mins more or 1 hour more and its easy just go on. Seeing the local men and women climbing this mountain with three or four rucksacks, seeing them climb with all the provisions for the Laban Rat was just amazing, the fitness levels of these guys is truly amazing. But what absolutely took my breath away was seeing these guys carrying up the full cylinders upto laban rata. I just couldn’t believe it.

On the way down Santosh cramped his leg very very badly but did not stop anywhere. We were astonished to see his determination to finish the trek and not to make the things slower. We made very poor time going up when compared to coming down according to our guide. We reached the bottom at around 18.30. Land Cruiser came to pick us up from the Timpohan Gate ot the head quarters. At the head quarter we picked up our certificates and gave our guide his very well earned tip.

Everybody was tired and we planned in such a way that we should drive directly for dinner and then go for a good massage so that we can reduce all the pains. Surya yet again drove the car all the way to KK town. We had dinner at Anjappar and then went for a nice Thai massage for 2 hours which proved to have a great effect on all of us.
All in all this was an experience of a life time and something that will remain in my memory for the rest of my life. What more can I say. It is not easy but the end product arriving at Lows Peak makes all the effort worthwhile. All in all, two memorable days.

May 24, 2009

Working for the Weekend

Everyday I get the work assigned by my friend and lead Nagaraj. This Wednesday while I was in the train and going home I got a call from my manager.

Phone rang Tring Tring ..

The screen showed my manager’s name who never call me directly as things come through Nagaraj. I was just wondering what it could be and why he is calling me directly.

I picked up the phone and following was the conversation.

I: Hello
Mgr: Hi Sudheendra .. This is P******

I: Hi P****** .. Tell me
Mgr: This weekend we have a shut down at ORL building can you pls come and do a restart of the system and check the BO application if it is working fine on all the environments.

Now what else can I say when he asks me directly other than saying Yes. I always wanted to say no but then as its just checking the system for 30 mins so I said OK.

I: Ok P******, I shall do it thats ok ..
Mgr: Thanks, bye.

Today, I came to office at 3PM in the afternoon thinking that I will leave by 3.30PM.

But then now the time is 6PM and nothing is working till now. I guess I will have to wait for more 2 hours for doing this. There is nothing that I can do. I will just have to sit idle until the servers are up. Hope I will get a comp off for this which I can use when Swetha will be here.

Anyways atleast you guys have fun on a weekend rather than wasting time at office like this.

May 19, 2009

Reasons to Smile

I love finding pleasure in simple things. It doesn’t take a lot for me to experience joy and happiness. Here’s just a list of a few simple things that can bring a smile to my face.

A smile from a stranger

A warm hug from loved ones

A casual e-mail from a friend saying hi

A melodious song from an old movie

A walk in the sun

When I find a new wallpaper of Katrina

Chocolates anytime

Having a cool drink along with Biryani

Sleeping after a heavy meal

Watching movies for the whole day with out any tensions

Talking to my wife

Holding a small baby

Hearing a child’s sweet laugh or a watching a child’s sweet act

Sleeping well after a long day at work

A warm shower on a cold morning

Opening the windows and letting the outside in

Completing a good workout


I could go on and on, but I’ll let you add your own smiling moments to the list. Don’t be shy. Jump on into the conversation and give us all one more reason to smile 🙂

May 19, 2009

Busy Life

Last three weeks it was flurry of activities as there were many things happening in my life.

The project deadline is very near and none of the requirements is clear and hence there is a huge tension in my work life.

At the same time at the home front I have to look for a new house as Swetha will be here next month. I have seen houses almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. Also have to manage my finances as I have to pay my debts and have to get ready with a huge amount of 4000 dollars for the house.

I’m definitely ready for a break. This June I am going to Hyderabad and this should act as a good break for me.

There’s always so much to do and so little time. I’m struggling to find the time to even sleep and eat properly. In the past I would have just relied on fast food to carry me through. But now since I am doing work out I just want to cut down all my extra calories that come from these fast foods.

May 19, 2009

Do I really care?

For the past 1 week there have been so many incidents going around the world.

Congress won the elections in state and central elections. So do I really care? I am in Singapore and I never understood politics.

Deccan Chargers have almost booked their seat in Semis in the IPL. So do I really care? Here none of the native players are performing and hence its a waste to support the team from where I am.

Prabhakaran died. But says he is alive. So do I really care? No. I am not sure why LTTE is formed and I dont know what prabhakaran is upto now a days.

Stock market was up 17% in a single day. People say its just a speculation and it will go down. So do I really care? Yes. Because of this speculation the rupee strengthened and the dollar value reduced which is actually bad for all the people who send money to India.

Kick movie is a hit. So do I really care? Yes as I am very much interested in movies.

My favorite Katrina was in Singapore. So do I really care? No because I was too busy to go and see her at the shooting of the film.

Now finally you may say that I have very less general knowledge and hence I dont care about any of the current affairs happening round the world.

Yes, as a common man for me most important in a week is how my company is doing? Are they firing anybody? How is project going on? Am I getting the solutions to my issues? etc. This is not selfish, but then this is for my bread and butter and if time permits then I try to learn about the happenings around the world but dont really have time to care about any of these.