Borneo Beachouse

In Kota Kinabalu we stayed at a wonderful backpackers place called the Borneo Beachouse. The location of this backpackers area is awesome as its just 5 minutes walk from the airport. There is this beach called the first beach which is 3 minutes walk from this place. This beach has a nice sunset and hence we can see lot of localites flocking there during the evening time.

First Beach

Entrance of First Beach

Borneo Beachouse

Mark and Dave who manage the place were very very friendly and helpful. They helped us with the gear and also helped us in giving the directions to the Kinabalu park.

Thats Marc with the Team Pappu, Dave was sleeping as he takes care at the night.

The whole house was filled with the souvenirs given by different tourists from different countries. The overall presentation was great. I would definitely stay when here again when ever I go back again. These were some of the boards which I saw in their beachouse.

This was at the reception of Borneo Beachouse. Very Innovative 🙂

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