My First Experience with Automatic Car

Since my childhood I have always dreamed of going abroad and settling down. Once I came to Singapore I came to know how difficult it would be to stay away from home. Anyways thats not the crux of this topic. I have always thought of US and not of any other country. This is because of the flexibility to buy and drive a car or a super bike. But in Singapore buying a car is totally out of scope and hence I have never driven an automatic car even after coming here.

At last this weekend when we went to Kota Kinabalu Malaysia, we rented an automatic Proton car which came as a blessing for our commuting in KK. We rented the car in the name of Surya as he was the only guy who got the license. Even though me and Nagaraj did not have our license, we did not miss the chance to drive there.

Thats me with Proton at KK Airport

My first ride with that car was a bit embarrassing as I did not understand what is what. Finally after couple of minutes I could figure out that there is something called Drive mode and we need not change any gears. I was a bit surprised not to see the clutch and then figured out what actually acts as a clutch. Leaving these basics apart, when we went into the petrol pump, I did not understand how to fill ourselves. Other than all these embarrassing moments I was not accustomed to the changing lanes concept also.

But now I am confident of driving any where and am looking forward to drive in my next trip.


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