Reasons to Smile

I love finding pleasure in simple things. It doesn’t take a lot for me to experience joy and happiness. Here’s just a list of a few simple things that can bring a smile to my face.

A smile from a stranger

A warm hug from loved ones

A casual e-mail from a friend saying hi

A melodious song from an old movie

A walk in the sun

When I find a new wallpaper of Katrina

Chocolates anytime

Having a cool drink along with Biryani

Sleeping after a heavy meal

Watching movies for the whole day with out any tensions

Talking to my wife

Holding a small baby

Hearing a child’s sweet laugh or a watching a child’s sweet act

Sleeping well after a long day at work

A warm shower on a cold morning

Opening the windows and letting the outside in

Completing a good workout


I could go on and on, but I’ll let you add your own smiling moments to the list. Don’t be shy. Jump on into the conversation and give us all one more reason to smile 🙂


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