Working for the Weekend

Everyday I get the work assigned by my friend and lead Nagaraj. This Wednesday while I was in the train and going home I got a call from my manager.

Phone rang Tring Tring ..

The screen showed my manager’s name who never call me directly as things come through Nagaraj. I was just wondering what it could be and why he is calling me directly.

I picked up the phone and following was the conversation.

I: Hello
Mgr: Hi Sudheendra .. This is P******

I: Hi P****** .. Tell me
Mgr: This weekend we have a shut down at ORL building can you pls come and do a restart of the system and check the BO application if it is working fine on all the environments.

Now what else can I say when he asks me directly other than saying Yes. I always wanted to say no but then as its just checking the system for 30 mins so I said OK.

I: Ok P******, I shall do it thats ok ..
Mgr: Thanks, bye.

Today, I came to office at 3PM in the afternoon thinking that I will leave by 3.30PM.

But then now the time is 6PM and nothing is working till now. I guess I will have to wait for more 2 hours for doing this. There is nothing that I can do. I will just have to sit idle until the servers are up. Hope I will get a comp off for this which I can use when Swetha will be here.

Anyways atleast you guys have fun on a weekend rather than wasting time at office like this.


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