My view on "Life after marriage"

Hmmm this is a common discussion which comes between friends when somebody is recently married. There is a saying in hindi “shaddi ka laddu khaye tho pachthavoge, na khaye tho bhi pachthavoge”. In recent times I have been pestered with this question lot of times by many of my friends.

Before getting married any couple would think a lot about their partners and how they would spend the rest of the life. Everybody would think that they would not repeat the mistakes other couples are doing. They would have already seen so many couples including their own parents. Both the partners would write a huge list of do and don’ts and would think of sticking to it for rest of their lives. But do they really stick to it?

In my view after marriage many couples unknowingly will definitely repeat the same mistakes that are there in the list prepared by them. Its been ages that people have been trying hard to describe the life after marriage and each has their own perspective and there is no general way of describing it.

Popular picture we see for life after marriage

In order to avoid such mistakes or fights or issues between the couples they should be mature enough to understand their roles and responsibilities before getting married. Also they should be in a position to appreciate the likes and dislikes of each other. On a lighter note I hope there was a certification exam which a person should pass to understand if he or she is ready to get married.

Our parents are always there to guide us and make us understand the responsibility of marriage and what marriage is all about. Both the wife and husband should understand their responsibilities as a spouse and soul mate before the marriage and get prepared for it and live to the commitments and then begin new life. Otherwise life is more like a burden with petty issues and fights and finger pointing at each other.

Finally I would stop this post with this quote which I have read some where. “The goal in marriage is not to think alike, but to think together.”


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