Lighter Moments

I wanted to share some of the Lighter Moments that I have come across in my life. This is one such incident at my office.

It was time of appraisal at CA for the first time after 6 months of joining. My manager called for a one on one meeting with me. Below is the funny conversation which we had during the appraisal time.

Mgr: Hi
I: Hi

Mgr: So, its been 6 months. How are you feeling?
I: Great

Mgr: Great? Why?
I was a bit worried. Now what can I reply if he asks me why. I took a while and replied.

I: I have learned a lot after coming to CA. I have been in support and got a chance to work in Development. So overall its a great experience for me.
Mgr: Good.

Mgr: Normally at what time do you come to office?
Casually I replied.
I: At 10AM (Which was the office time)

Mgr: So when was the last time?
Now everybody in my team knows that I come late to office :-). What else could I say? I just smiled. But I was sure that he was trying to make some point there.

Mgr: How much time do you spend on breaks.
This time I wanted to be a bit careful and tell little facts.
I: Its just 1Hour 15Mins. 1 Hour for lunch and 15Mins for coffee in the evening.

Mgr: I guess you spend more than 2 and half hours on breaks everyday.
I was like no way what the hell is he talking about. I replied immediately.
I: Nooo (As Russel Peters says Nooooooooooo the Chinese way .. he he)

Mgr: OK let me tell you. You go to lunch at 12 come back at 1.15 and sleep till 1.45 and go for coffee for 30 minutes.
I was shocked. No Shit man. This guys observes everything I do. Ok now the facts, what ever he said was absolutely correct. Now I took a while about what I should tell him.

I: Yeah I understand, but I need some sleep everyday. I have migraine and I have to sleep to keep my headache away.
Mgr: So do you think sleeping in a place where others are working looks good.

Now anybody would say that, this will not be repeated or sorry about what has happened etc. But to my managers shock below is our conversation.

I: So where do you want me to sleep.
He was shocked. He never expected that from me. This time he took a while to answer.

Mgr: OK, book a meeting room and sleep for a while there.
I: OK, I shall do that.

Now you can think as what could be the rating I have got after that 🙂

Days passed and after a week, I was sleeping at my desk and my manager came and woke me up.

Mgr: Why are you again sleeping at your desk?
I: Meeting rooms are full.

Ha ha .. after that my manager never ever touched me on any issue as he knew what kind of answers he is going to get from me. I know the performance appraisal had a inversely proportional affect because of this. But then there should be such lighter moments in life to tell to friends at some point of time and laugh 🙂


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