MJ – World will Miss You

Today Morning when I was checking my friends updates in orkut, I came across this status message of one of my friend “MJ world will miss you”. I was shocked to see that and then checked the news. After confirming the news, that immediate moment my heart was heavy. We all have grew up listening to his music. Some of the families have heard his music for at least two or three generations now. In India many of us knew English songs as MJ songs. Many kids grew trying to dance like him. All the best break dancers in the world have been compared to this legend.

There will never ever be another icon like him. His talent in both dancing and singing was unparalleled. I grew up seeing Michael and it seemed that he would always be there, not only for me but for all the generations after us. As it has always been, Legend may be gone, but he will never die. MJ’s music, his memory, his spirit will always be with us.

Thank you Michael for giving so much of yourself and of your talent to the world. We will miss you, and you will never be forgotten. We all owe a lot to the Jackson family for the kind of entertainment they have given for years to the world. We will miss him. My heart goes out to the Jackson Family. May God Be with you.

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