Movies in Recent Past

There were times when I have seen 10 in just a weekend. For the past 1 month because of my busy work life and personal life I couldn’t see many. Below are some of them which I saw and remembered.

Angels and Demons – Good movie. Nice thriller. (3/5)
Da Vinci Code – After seeing Angels and Demons, I saw this movie and liked this too. (3/5)
Terminator Salvation – Awful (1/5)
Taking of Pelham 123 – Awesome. Full of Pace and action. Great acting. (4.5/5)
Taking of Pelham One Two Three – This is the old movie which is a true copy of the novel. Forgot to mention, I have read this novel too. Well made based on the novel. But as I saw after seeing the latest version of the movie, I couldn’t appreciate the effort so much. (2/5)
Transformers Rise of the Fallen – Saw it yesterday. Did not impress me much when compared to Transformers. (2/5)

Happy Days – Have seen multiple times and every time I see it, its like a journey into my engineering days. Awesome movie. (4.5/5)
Aunu Vallidaru Ishtapaddaru – Was watching it for fourth time. Decent comedy. (3/5)


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