Travel Plans

Its been a long time I have posted my travel plans here. As of now I have many plans in my mind and I am penning down some of them which I feel are feasible with the time and money constraints I have.

July 25th and 26th – Manila to see TAAL lake and climb VOLCANO

Aug 8th to 11th – Malaysia Road Trip (Singapore – Johor Bahru – Kuala Rompin – Pekan – Kuantan – Kijal – Cherating – Marang – Kapas Island or Blue Coral Island – Tasik Kenyir – Sungai Tong – Bandar Permaisuri – Besut – Kota Bharu – Tasik Kenyir – Cherating – Kuantan – Johor Bahru – Singapore)

Sep 19th to 22nd – Columbo in Sri Lanka to climb ADAM’s PEAK

Nov 20th to 29th – India for Rinesh and Shradha marriage

Dec 25th to 28th – Planning for Cambodia.

Note: These itenaries are subjected to change depending on the situation.


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