Experience with Cebu Pacific Airlines

I am writing this post as this is the first time that I had so many weird experiences with the airlines.

At changi airport:
Boarding pass was delayed because the printer was not working.

In the flight from Singapore to Manila:
The seat was not going back. Infact it was the most uncomfortable seat I ever travelled in.

At Manila Airport while coming back:
The lady at the ticket counter took ages to give each boarding pass. Everybody in that line were so pissed off with her. Infact we mocked her in many ways and still she worked in her own way. We were waiting there in that stagnant line while the other lines were moving and moving and moving. Nagaraj went to her and even asked why it was taking so much time. At the end when we got our boarding passes after more than 30 minutes of wait in the line, we all clapped sarcastically at her. But she was laughing and was thinking that we were appreciating her.

In the flight from Manila to Singapore:
The AC had some problem. The whole journey I was very uncomfortable and at the end I got sick for 2 days with the throat infection.
I have decided not to go to Philippines again and especially in Cebu Pacific Airlines.


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