Experience Counts

There are many instances where we hear this statement. In recent converstaions between my friends we again came across this. In all my friends Surya is the youngest and Nagaraj is the eldest. Below is how the conversation went:

I, Swetha, Santosh, Surya and Nagaraj went out for dinner. While having the dinner, Nagaraj got a call and went to take the call. Mean while Surya started the below conversation:

Surya: Guys, my brother’s first marriage anniversary is coming and I have not given any gift till date. Everytime he gives me something and this time I will have to do something for it.

We all started thinking and tried giving some ideas. Fed up with all those ideas he told us

Surya: My brother already have a TV, Playstation, Car, etc .. so dont give me those ideas.

Santosh: Ok, I got a brilliant idea.

Everybody got curious, whats it?

Santosh: Why dont you go and give a surprise.

We all were so impressed with the idea and applauded Santosh for this wonderful idea. Surya even started searching online on his iphone for the visa time and the tickets etc. Now here comes the twist in the story. Nagaraj comes to the table and asks what was the discussion about. We all were so impressed with the idea and told him that we are proud of Santosh to give such a brilliant idea. Nagaraj smiled and said

Nagaraj: Are you guys nuts. That is their first ever marriage anniversary and you guys want to spoil their privacy by sending Surya there.

That statement made us realise how bad the idea was.

Hence Experience does count.


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