Recent Movies

– Up (5/5)
This is an awesome movie and yet another gem from Pixar. Any movie from the Pixar brand would definitely be a block buster as well as it is booking a place in the IMDB top 250.

– G.I.Joe (2/5)
Unrealistic. Gave those 2 ratings just for the gadgets and the technology used in the movie.

– Magadheera (2/5)
People said its technically brilliant and compared it with Arundhati. But in my opinion its no where near to Arundhati neither in story line nor technically. May the problem was with the screening but still I did not see that brilliance in most of the scenes. Most of the images were as it they were copied frmo jungle book.

– Kaminey (4.5/5)
This is a wonderful movie. That 0.5 is lost just because of the climax. The movie has always kept up in the edge of the seat thinking of what next.


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