Cruise to No Where

On Saturday we went for a cruise to nowhere. Yes it sounds strange and out of the ordinary and also interesting. It was a short trip on a cruise ship. This ship doesn’t leave any port neither it takes you to any port. We were picked up by a ferry from the Tanah Merah ferry terminal at around 10AM. We were taken to Bintan and got transferred into another ferry which actually took us to the ship. We knew that this ship was a casino ship and not really sure what else would be there on it. However, it was like a viewing standpoint, from on board the ship and from quite a distance.

Once we entered the cruise ship, we were asked to deposit our passports as well as employment pass at the reception and we could collect them while leaving. Right from the entrance we could see all the casino halls. People were busy playing them. We were not allowed inside as we were carrying cameras with us. We were asked to deposit them and then enter the casino. We were hungry and first wanted to explore the ship, eat and then play some games at the casino.

As far as entertainment and amenities go, they were the same as what are offered on the longer cruises around the world. There was Foot reflexology, Massage and hair saloon. There was a movie room. There were two restaurants and two bars on the ship. There was a place for dancing. But we couldn’t enjoy dancing as they were playing Malaysian and Chinese songs all the time.

We had lunch at the Patricia restaurant. There was lot of Sea Food and it was just like a feast to all the non vegetarians. We enjoyed the food a lot, then again explored the deck of the ship, took some pics and then went down to the bar to have couple of drinks before we went to casino.

We played 50 dollar worth games on the slot machines and got just 40 bucks and 10 dollars we lost. The whole trip was a nice experience. We were just charged 22 dollars for the travel, food and enjoy the amenities for the day. We left the ship at around 8.30 in the night back to Singapore. There were so many old Chinese and Malaysian people on the ship who just came there to play Casino.

Overall I would suggest that this is good for a one day entertainment trip for all those food lovers and casino lovers.


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