Hyderabad in Singapore

As every weekend, my roommates had discussion on what to do this weekend. After Surya’s suggestion we finally decided upon going to trail at Mount Faber. For more than a week Singapore was too hot. So we started off early at 7AM from Tampines. We reached Vivo City had some breakfast and then headed for the trail. In the middle of the concrete jungle in Singapore, Mount Faber possessed the beauty of nature and gave a panoramic view of Singapore skyline.

When we saw the map of the whole trail, it was shown as if it was a long trail and an exhausting one. We walked for around 30 minutes and we see that we have completed the trail. All of us were disappointed with the trail. But then we headed towards the Henderson Waves bridge which was really nice. From we took a different trail which was a forest walk trail. We walked over a long canopy walk which was a nice experience.

At the end of the canopy walk, we reached Hyderabad Road. It was nice to see Hyderabad in Singapore. From there we took a bus and headed for Sentosa. We wanted to go to the adventure park which was opened recently. We took the mono rail then the bus then walk to the adventure park. Once again a disappointment because of the bad weather it was closed.

Even though we were not able to do the activities for which we went for but were happy to at least go out and spend sometime outside rather sitting at home and watching the boring movies.



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