Best Review

After my first attempt at night photography, I have got so many appreciations. One common thing I have found in those appreciations was, most of them did not know about the technical details involved in that photography. So I thought it would nice if I get a review from a professional. I remembered my friend telling me that her boss is a professional photographer, so I asked her to share the link of my travel and photo blog to him and ask him professional feedback. Below is the feedback which he gave:

“He is a very good photographer and the best part is documenting skills. His compositions are very good and in some cases very creative. I suggest he should concentrate on documenting. Sell his articles in local magazines eg: Asian Geography.
Documenting refers to writing a short article and using photographs to support them. Also attached some of his work that I liked.”

This was a true professional and best review that I got and in fact he has gone through all my blog posts and the pictures in them. That is something amazing from his side and have given me a great boost to go ahead and learn more and more skills from now on. Hope I can become a good photographer some day 🙂


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