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December 28, 2009

Recent Movies

I saw many movies, but movies that can be mentioned were only a few.

Avatar – Awesome graphics and 10/10 for the directors imagination.

Sherlock Homles – Very good movie. Its for the new Remake generation, looking forward for the sequel.

3 Idiots – The movie has touched 10/10 for the first 2 hours, but 20 mins of the movie just before the climax has spoiled its over all chances of being a very good movie.

Paa – Went to theater thinking that it would be a slow emotional drama, but I was surprised to see the fun I had by watching the movie. Bachans were at their best.

December 28, 2009

Addicted to iPhone

Within no time, iphone has become part of my life. With all those little apps, right from games to useful trackers to everyday planners, all these have become pretty addictive. The major attraction for these apps is, they are free or very cheap. These apps enable me to have my life available literally at my finger tips. I heard that there are loads and loads of new apps come every day and there are around 1,00,000 apps currently around the world.

I heard that, in Redmond, there is a Internet Addiction Center opened. This is to rehabilitate the people who are addicted to different digital equipment. So how do we know if we are addicted?

According to one of the experts quoted in a article, if we are spending two hours or more a day engaged with our digital equipment and it’s not for work- or homework-related reasons, then we are addicted to that digital device. And after reading this, yes I confirm that I am addicted to iPhone.

December 28, 2009

iPhone Couple

iPhone couple

I have been seeing the revolution brought by iphone in the past 2 years. I never wanted to buy one for different reasons. Recently, all my friends in Singapore bought iphone and started taunting me for not having one. I tried hard to stop myself from buying, but finally ended up contracting for me as well as for Swetha. We both are proud owners of iPhone 3GS 32GB.

Now after couple of weeks I would say that this is the best phone I have ever used in my life and we are now a happy iPhone couple.

December 28, 2009

Long Time No See

Yes, its been quite sometime that I wrote in my blog. There were many reasons including my laziness for not being able to post anything here. I shall try to post the happenings during these days, in the next few days.