Birthdays of the Month

I have tried to retrieve and remember the birthdays of all those people whom I know and who are born in January. I wish all you many many happy returns of the day. Some are belated and some are in advance 🙂

Madhavi – Jan 2 (MIS)
Praveen – Jan 5 (Goldstone)
Kalyan – Jan 8 (MGIT)
Venkatesh – Jan 8 (Goldstone)
Karteek – Jan 11 (SRMJC)
Ramya – Jan 11 (My Sweet sister)
Suman – Jan 14 (MGIT)
Rasika – Jan 15 (MGIT)
Nagoor Basha – Jan 15 (Goldstone)
Sreedhar – Jan 15 (MGIT)
Dhananjay – Jan 16 (Goldstone)
Sangeeta – Jan 18 (Good Old friend lost in time)
Jayanth – Jan 26 (Common friend)
Sandhya – Jan 26 (MGIT)
Satish – Jan 28 (MGIT)
Sharon – Jan 31 (MGIT)


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