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April 29, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Its been raining at irregular times and intervals for the last 2 weeks in Singapore. We have planned for camping this weekend I don’t want rain to spoil the whole plan. The first thing that came to my mind was the rhyme which I learned as a kid.

Rain Rain Go Away, Come Again Another Day

Hope to have a great weekend.

April 25, 2010


Testing blog writer app from Iphone

April 21, 2010

My Best Friends Wedding

As a child, I moved a lot because of dad getting transferred every now and then. I was never so comfortable making friends where ever I went. I always had one or two friends where ever I went. When I came to my high school, I came to Hyderabad and got settled there. It was in my +2 that I actually started making friends and socialising. It was day 1 at Special Coaching center where I met my best friend Kishore.

From there it is now a journey of 14 years of relationship. I still remember the day one in my college when I sat besides him and slept during the class. We quickly hit it off and our friendship grew into the odd man-love, that cant be explained, but just understood. There were many funny, sentimental, serious moments during these days.

I have planned many things for his marriage, right from when to go to Hyd to what to wear in the marriage. I was never interested in staying in the wedding for the whole time. But as this wedding is special and interesting for me, I wanted to experience each and every aspect of this marriage and be part of most of it.

The day has come and on April 3rd, Nandu got married. I will post the marriage details later. But right now I am very happy for the couple and just waiting for them to land in Singapore while they are on their honeymoon trip.

April 19, 2010

Nice Weekend

All these days I have been busy because of one project and one tough user. Frankly speaking had a tough time at work last one month. I felt this weekend was great and relaxing after a long time and hence thought it was worth sharing with everyone.

Friday Nagaraj gave his birthday (which was actually on Apr-8th) party at Khalsa Club (Our favorite hangout place for long time because of its nice food and sensible rates). While coming back home we bought a carrom board and were ready for action. We played till 2AM and went home.

Saturday started off with some nice food and then went on playing carroms and watching movies. In the evening, thanks to Santosh, we all started running. We ran for around 3KM and then walked for 3KM. On the way back we went to Harry’s had couple of beers and had dinner.

Sunday early morning I, Swetha & Surya left for cycling in the Pasir Ris Park. We did cycling for around 10KM and then went to friends room had nice lunch and went home to sleep. In the evening again I, Swetha, Nagaraj, Santosh & Amarnadh went for cycling. This time we went to Changi Village and the total track was 20KM. On the way back it was very nice experience to pedal the cycle in the rain. As it was raining we decided to have some nice pakodis along with couple of drinks. We went home had egg burji and pakodi along with beer.

At the end, the weekend was over with Deccan Chargers winning the match and earning a place in Semis.